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I really need some advice here. Please, Can anyone help?...

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Hi there,

I'm 19, have suffered mild acne since i was about 13. From the ages of 14-18 i tired anti-biotics, various presciptions creams then finally dianette. But this eventually gave me terrible headaches and so i switched to Yasmin last June. I can't say that i've noticed Yasmin improving skin though. However, last month i started breaking out worse than usual again so I started using Dalacin T lotion on my face. I can postitively say its starting to work (i hope).

Anyway, my question/fear is.. Do u think that i am somehow prolonging the natural time my acne will take to clear with all these remedies.. Even though the lotion is working, i've heard that your skin can get used to it and then it will stop working. Should i gradually stop using it once my skin is ok to avoid this happening?? Or will it just come back..

I think that maybe if i just "live it out" it will hopefully clear naturally? But i have to say, that spots get me down so so much. And i found it too hard to just...let it happen...

Ok, i'm probably not making much sense (sorry). I guess what im trying to say is, are the the current rememdies (dalacin) and (yasmin...even though i dont think yasmin helps?!), just stopping the natural course of growing out of acne, or are they really helping me get out of it sooner?? Are they somehow making me dependent on it, so i will NEVER grow out of it??

Is it at all possible that maybe once i stop these remedies, my skin will stay ok?

Please note that i am on Birth Control Pills for severe period pain, but if i come off it one day, will spots get worse? Or will it be ok, because i don;t think the Yasmin is helping in the first place..

I'm sorry, i'm probably not making much sense. I guess i'm just really scared that i am somehow messing up my "natural" course of acne, so that i'll never be able to get rid of it naturally..

Any advice/reassurance will be HIGHLY aprreciated!!

Thanks for reading,

Claire x

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Dear DontWantFeelUgly,

My sympathy to you. I know how it feels like. But think positive. Feeling down won't help it.

I'm not a doc, so can't answer your question. But from my research into this subject, you eventually grow out of, but nobody knows when. There are women who still suffer from it in their 30s and 40s. But these are usually the severe ones. Are your acnes very big, red, painful, cyst-like, or small, and heals easily? Also how do you know it is the medication that gives you headache? How do you know which one? Did Dianette help you? How long were you on it? Does this Dalachin make your skin dry and red?

Oh, another indication if you can grow out of it soon seems to be your family history. Did your parents or do your siblings suffer from it too?

Keep your chin up and take care,


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Yeah.. sympathy to you...we do understand.

Don't take this the wrong way ...fighting acne is a battle and at the moment you are feeling like your losing it ...for a start you need to stop torturing yourself about the skin medications you are taking. You are taking acne medication to help manage acne and minimise the scarring like the rest of us. What I do think you need to question is whether the drugs you are taking are achieveing this for you ....and the answer is no.

For the moment stick with the dalacin as you are getting results...it is an antibiotic so it won't last unfortunately. But, start investigating and reassessing all the options available to:

oral antibiotics


new topicals (including good old bp which got me clear after 13 years of problem skin)

also if your acne is hormonally influenced?

spino??? something or other

ortho?? something or other

Get knowledgable, visit a derm, make some demands and you'll be feeling heaps better! Hang in there.

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I agree...make some demands. Too often we are "abused" by healthcare professionals because of the nature of this disease. What do I mean? Until I was 28, every single time I went to the derm, I was so filled w/ self loathing, disgust, shame, I was absolutely vulnerable and willing to take any and all doctor recommendations. Remember, they only PRACTICE medicine!! And I think we all know how confounding acne can be, what works now....may break you out in 6 months. I do a TON of online researching about this, and am on Cilest to clear me up. But get second opinions, ask stupid questions, and don't just nod when you come back to report on treatment. It's amazing how hideous one little spot can make me...take care!!

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