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I know it works but....

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Hello my friends

I am a scientist at heart. I can't simply accept something as the truth just because someone says so. That's why in my 15 years fighting acne I've had to try many many many products without one being better than the other. Once I became an MD, I delved into the medical literature (fancy name for medical studies published in medical journals) and found many interesting things. One of which is that benzoyl peroxide is definitively very effective when compared to a placebo (a gel with no medicine in it). So, even if I haven't tried the regimen, and I will, there is certainly evidence out there coming from well-controlled studies showing why this would work.

Now, after many years fighting this I've found my face's weakness....it's kryptonite. That is sweat. And not only sweat but usually sweat,dirt,sun ....all those things your face gets exposed to like say when you play a round of golf. It NEVER fails.... if I play basketball, golf, etc outside....BAM! 3 days later exactly I start breaking out. Clockwork. It never fails.

Of course, thinking that I should get rid of the sweat/oil/dirt that my skin accumulates during a game, I bought some OXY salicylic acid wipes to clean the grime out. Yes, it does turn a nasty grayish brown after I use it. I use it usually when I'm still warm/seating when supposedly my pores are still open. But it doesn't WORK!

Has anyone had this same experience? Does the regimen cover you through a game or any other activity outdoors? Or do you try to clean up your face like I do right after?

Any answers would be appreciated. And for you info nuts out there, here is a meta-analysis of many different medicine studies on acne treatments.

http://www.ahrq.gov/clinic/epcsums/acnesum.htm eusa_think.gif

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Yeah, the OXY wipes didn't work for me either. In fact, salicylic acid doesn't work for me at all. It helps, but never clears my skin. That's why I'm starting The Regimen biggrin.gif

Lol, has salicylic acid worked for anyone here?

I highly doubt it

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Well I guess no one else has this problem. Or maybe my post was little wordy and boring. eusa_wall.gif

Good luck to y'all trying this out. It really works. You just need patience and a lot of self control when it comes to not squeezing the life out of the little buggers.

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Hi Roboto,

The sun is notorious for causing pimples a few days later. Many here have voiced experiencing it. Now, I don't know why scientifically, but it does happen.

As for your personal triggers, well, most of us never know why the heck we are cursed with this condition be it genetics, hormones, or whatever. Regardless of your personal cause of acne, the fact is, benzoyl peroxide is the single most effective otc product you can buy to treat acne. Some sources even say it is quicker at treating acne than even antibiotics.

You can certainly use the regimen and still enjoy your outside activities, especially since Dan recommends using a moisturizing sunscreen with the regimen, this should at least help with your sun exposure. As for the dirt and grime, perhaps work in one part of your regimen after your sporting event, or just rinse off real good after the sport, followed by the complete regimen in the evening, and then of course in the morning too. But Dan does not recommend washing more than twice in a day, since that can further irritate the skin.

As far as salicylic acid being effective, in some cases it is enough, in very mild cases, but I think for the rest of us, more is needed. SA alone never did anything effective for me.

I have been on Dan's regimen for 6 weeks now and I am perfectly clear, and it is so very nice!

Try the regimen, follow it precisely, and see what happens!

Good luck to you, and let us know of your progress!

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