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Hi Im just wondering if anyone has had luck trying the combination. I have mild-moderate acne. I've been on differin for 1 week and am experiencing a major flare up. I went back to the derm today and he said that is very normal, and I then asked about an antibiotic. He said he didnt think that i needed it, but he said ok and gave me doxycyclin. How long should it take before the initial breakout goes away (it's bad)? Will the combo work well? Let me know! Thanks

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Hi, I am on my 8th week of Differin and I too had a bad breakout from the outset and still am!!! I have now been on Bactrim for almost three weeks too to try to calm the breakout down. My derm said that Bactrim is more fast working than some other antibiotics (I don't know about doxycycline though) and to expect improvement in 7-10 days. There may be some slight improvement but my acne on my chin is still worse than it was before starting the Differin (oh and the pill, yasmin). I think maybe the size of the pimples has reduced but I have lots of red marks and in the first few weeks experienced lots of drying. I use QV moisturiser now and that seems to be soothing the dryness.

From other threads that I have read, it usualy takes 3 months to tell if the Differin is right for you but I don;t think that I can wait for that long and am going on Roaccutane as this was my plan B. I would rather be on something that might break you out but that might give permanent long term results, than go another month and then find it still isn't right and I'm back at square one!!!!!.

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Thanks for the response lucky girl. It's certainly frustrating...I barely had any acne on my forehead before differin, and now 9 days in, there isn't a spot on my forehead that isn't covered. The derm said the medicine just brings out whats underneath the skin and then it will clear up....i hope he's right.

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