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Cured mine -- relatively

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I wanted to add some backhanded support to The Regimen pushed on this site. It seems to only be a ripoff of Proactiv in most senses, but I think there is success to be had on both sides. I agree that the lotion should be thick. I noticed some time ago (before I found this site) that the more BP lotion I used, the more it spanked my skin into shape. I was happy to find a community of people who agree! However, I DO think the cleanser and toner (other 2 pieces of Proactiv) can be important. There are a couple of Proactiv clones, and I found some success with the lotion/toner of "Klear Action" and cleanser of AcneFree.

First thing: Dermatologists pretty much just want to ply you with antibiotics (in creams and pills) and whatever prescription drug they have a bias towards, and so you MUST take research and treatment into your own hands.

Acne is definitely not as simple as "clogged pore + bacteria = zit". There are some deeper hormonal and immunological processes happening that seem to self-perpetuate. For example, there is mutual feedback going on within your skin near the site of the response. I've also read some unrelated studies about mirrored immune responses on the opposite side of the body, and this makes sense also. Recently in a semi-new technology called hair cloning, it's been found that implanting new hair into the scalp causes old follicles to spring into action nearby.

Combination treatments are the way to go, and don't put your entire life/hope into one product. Getting over the skin-panic induced from breakouts is the first step. Once your body has calmed down, maintaining a clear face is much easier. DON'T get lazy and slack off because your skin is clear.

This is/was my regimen:

- Oral antibiotics for two months

Antibiotics are okay, but don't use them in the long term unless you ABSOLUTELY have to. Just like antibacterial soap, you're only killing the weaker elements of the army off so the stronger members can recoup and strike twice as hard.

- Pantothenic Acid (incorrectly called b5) as 5g/day for three months

Pantothenic acid works very well to help dry up your sebaceous glands. However, you should definitely avoid long term use as there is some anti-androgenic properties going on with dosages this large, and that is A Very Bad Thing to play with. The array of hormones in your body is quite complicated and self-involved. When you play with them (as this does) anything from losing your hair (permanently) to much worse can be had.

- Rare usage of Clindagel (topical clindamycin) for non-whitehead bumps

- Rare usage of Retin-A Micro on oily inflammation

- Topical vitamin E from pill for scaly/very dry lesions

Be sparing with this as it is goopy oil that can clog you up, but E has conclusively been shown to reduce scarring (and oddly, reduce collagen too)

At night only:

- Proactiv-like cleanser (has BP and exfoliant properties)

- Proactiv-like toner (has more exfoliance through acid and mechanical rubbing in application)

- Proactiv/The Regimen BP lotion

Lather this junk all over.

Ease off and alternate regular lotion if you're getting too dry.

In general:

- Lots of water with lemon squeezed in

C helps collagen production and lemon makes the water more pallatable in general

- Reduced refined flours and sugars in diet

I strongly disagree that squeezing a zit is bad. Just make sure you do it right with a very thin *sterilized* needle, squeezing from far around the site of the bump (to let blood and pressure push the infection out). Don't try milking cysts that are only inflamed with clear fluid, treat those with something topical.

I know many of you knew all of this (and maybe without success), but I thought I would just summarize what I've learned for anybody stumbling into this mess.

Anyways, I was getting desperate (trying to find european sources for bacterial immunizations, etc.), but I'm in control now. Good luck to everyone.

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