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Does Dermablend cover well and look natural?

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Well I have'nt had a breakout in 2 months but I got one last week and now it has gone but of course I now have a nice little red spot! eusa_wall.gif I currently use the Studio 5ive concealer and it works fine, but this thing won't hide too wel. I was thinking about going the the makeup counter and getting someone to match some dermablend to me to cover it up. Does it look natural on a guy and how well would it cover the red spot? Thanks

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Definitely have the counter person show you how to use the Dermablend products before making a commitment. Because each person's skin color is different, Dermablend has a huge array of shades that you can blend to best match your skin and the salesperson should help you with that too.

As for red spots, it will cover pefectly, but you may need to use a heavier application.

And Dermablend does look natural if it's applied on smooth skin. The keys are:

[a] Apply to clean moisturized skin (otherwise if your skin is oily, the product will have a difficult time adhering).

Get a perfect color match. Also remember that some people have more than one skintone on their face (e.g. T-zone being darker than their cheeks etc.) so you need to mix the Dermablend according to the area you are covering

[c] Blend the product very very well into the surrounding skin. Always look at every covered area in a mirror in natural light (e.g. by a window) from every angle - up, down, right and left - to ensure there are no lines of demarcation.

[d] After allowing the Setting Powder to set the Dermablend Cover Creme, gently remove the excess with a makeup brush. Then using a barely moist terry cloth face towel, gently dab away some of the Setting Powder. This makes the covered area look less matte and powdery and more natural.

[e] When you get a chance throughout the day, check out the covered areas in a mirror. If they get oily, gently dab them with a clean dry paper towel (the kind found in public washrooms soak up oils the best). This will help the Dermablend to last longer without caking or falling apart. Do the same if your face should get wet or sweaty (you can even swim with it on...just gently pat dry afterwards).

[f] Once some of the oils in your skin interact with the applied Dermablend, it will look better than when it was freshly applied. Depending on how oily your skin is, I find that applying the product about 1 hour before leaving the house produces the best results.

[g] If you are covering an area that doesn't need a heavy application, I find using a small concealer brush helps to blend it into the skin quickly and perfectly. However, for areas that require heavier coverage, you should apply it with your fingers in a patting motion as recommended.

[h] Just a little warning: if you apply Dermablend (or any cosmetic) on a facial wrinkle or crease, the natural expressions/movements of your face will cause the coverage to crack and may require a slight touchup during the day. (Sometimes just a gentle pat of a finger on the application can reset it.)

And don't be afraid to experiment. When you first get the products, apply it on a weekend when you don't have to leave the house. This will give you plenty of time to experiment with blending the colors and application techniques. Also wearing it all day at home will give you an idea of how the product will last while you go about your activities so you won't end up with any unexpected results.

By the way, if you are trying to cover a roughly textured, raised scab or scar it won't look natural (that's the case with all makeups). If this is the case, try moisturizing the raised scar and applying several thin coats of silicone primer over the rough surface. This will give the concealer something to adhere to (but it still won't look like perfect skin).

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