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From the FDA website on Accutane: http://www.fda.gov/cder/drug/infopage/accutane/

"Do Not Buy Accutane Over the Internet

You should not buy Accutane over the Internet because you will bypass important safeguards designed to protect your health (and the health of others).

Accutane has special safety restrictions on how it is distributed to the public. Also, drugs purchased from foreign Internet sources are not the FDA-approved versions of the drugs, and they are not subject to FDA-regulated manufacturing controls or FDA inspection of manufacturing facilities."

Here's a hypothetical situation for us to consider: I have studied dermatology and worked full-time in dermatology offices. I have my pro-Accutane baseline results in hand. I can go to a walk-in GP for monthly LFT/Triglyceride/Cholesterol tests and observe myself whether these results show elevated liver enzymes and/or triglycerides and/or cholesterol.

In the event that I have any reason to be concerned about side-effects at any point, I can reduce or if need be suspend my dosage according to the protocols I have observed firsthand working alongside dermatologists in student-research work situations.

Is it really illegal to sell a drug like Accutane without a prescription-- to what extent is this a prosecutable offence, and in what jurisdiction? And more importantly what is the legal status of the consumer in this transaction?

The following sites all claim to sell Accutane. Are they exploiting a loophole whereby the product they are selling is 13-cis-retinoic acid / isotretinoin as a generic drug, even though marketed on their site as Accutane?




Please note that I myself have absolutely NO intention whatsoever of buying Accutane online nor condoning it. There is just a lot of misinformation out there worth clearing up for the edification of acne.org members.

Any thoughts?

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I agree when you buy anything online you never can be sure what you are taking, and it is very important that you get your blood tests done as directed by your derm. Drugs are prescribed by a doctor and not bought over the counter at a pharmacy for a reason.

Everyone needs to be safe about Accutane and any drug.

I thought about buying it online until I saw how dangerous that it can be and how important it is to be monitored while on it. I even told my derm that I was thinking about buying it online. She agreed with me that it was time for tane so here I am on my third month, under full doctor supervision with no side effects from taking gosh only knows what online.

Good luck everyone and be safe and educated.

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yes, there are the obvious dangers and risks of buying meds online, but those factors actually don't concern me as much with Accutane, as I'd be MORE worried about taking some sort of placebo that they're hawking as the real thing.

money down the drain for sugar tablets.

i've had friends buy sleeping pills, pain killers, etc online. They cost a lot, but my friends havent had any problems. of course, with something like Ambien, a psychosomatic response isn't as heartbreaking as waking up after your 2nd month of fake Accutane and finding out you're still at square one.

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Guest Avian

Accutane is the brand name given to isotretinoin by Roche. Whether the chemicals in these online drugs are the same, I don't know.

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you can, if you want, buy accutane online. i did once but it was oratane, the australian brand name. it was a silly thing to do and dangerous, but acne makes people do desperate things sometimes, i guess. legally, american trademarked roche name for accutane cannot be bought online. you will get either oratane, roaccutane, or isotret (india brand). but, shelling out alot of money for a scarred liver, a baby with a cone head and no eyes, bleeding rectum, permanent hearing loss and perhaps just recieving capsules filled with sand is a bad idea. these side-effects are EXTREMELY rare, but if they happen because of lack of basic check ups, bummer. be warned...

antony, i suppose you could follow procedure by taking the responsibilty yourself, i.e. telling a doctor what you are doing, paying out of pocket for lab work, check ins about side effects, etc...i do know, however, that none of the legally offered forms of isotretinoin bought online is approved by the FDA. product quality, bioavailability, potential for being exposed to extreme conditions during delivery and destroying the active ingredient, proven bioequivalence with accutane, etc. are not studied and assured to be what it says it is. nor are the manufacturing sites held to the same strict regulations as the fda uses here, so poor product, contamination, unacceptable variances, dyes and fillers banned here due to harmful effects, are all thrown into the mix as well. prolly unlikely, but not enough benefit vs. risk for myself. and i think most doctors would be unwilling to help because its an unapproved medication and they tend to frown on taking unapproved meds bought online.


ps. the oratane i got did NOTHING whatsoever...i was bummed, but looking back, alot worse could have happened.

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