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accutane for the second time

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I prescribed myself accutane today.

I went on accutane 3.5 years ago. Cleared up my face/neck/shoulders/chest 100%

anyhow, its back, so off i went to the derm. He was some noob amatuer who really didnt know jack about acne and its meds. Suffice to say I was very surprised and a bit miffed.

I TOLD HIM ALL ABOUT ACCUTANE AND ITS EFFECTS etc etc and, said I wanted 40mg for three months, starting at 20mg daily for the first couple of weeks to minimise breakouts etc. Told him last time i did it i had a blood work done monthly, which he noted, and a few other things.

He was like 'errrrr, right, ok, errrrr, uummmm', had a quick chat to the head dermo guy, gave me the note for the blood test stuff and got a prescription ready for when the results come back.. eusa_wall.gif

I was baffled by this lack of knowledge, tho didnt really care cos i got what i wanted so... cool.gif

anyway, back to the whole 2nd accutane treatment deal. This really isnt the best time to be getting dried up like a prune as im due to finish university and do all the things that come with that (getting a job, graduating etc) but hey ho. Im 23 now and really hope a second course will fix me for good cos im sick of fighting this shit, Ive had acne since time began,

wish me luck! smile.gif

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Hey Phil! Way to go telling the derm what you wanted and getting it too! Good luck with the 2nd treatment! biggrin.gif

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hey thanks cassadie smile.gif , i just hope it goes as smoothly this time as it did the first time round (no initial breakout/redface/major side effects etc).

I think the derm i saw was a real easy goer, didnt take any convincing at all. Then again the first one i saw 3 years ago was pretty much the same, i think they are just like that in the uk or summat, I dont think they can get prosecuted or anything here like they can in the US.

anyway, cant wait to get the stuff, hows you doin?

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I honestly think that more dermatologists are focused on what they consider more severe skin diseases than acne - - therefore the lack of knowledge and the lack of results from seeing a dermatologist. I recall months ago calling into a dermatology office for an appointment with anyone of their doctors. The receptionist asked what it was in reference to and I replied “acne� and she told me they weren’t taking anymore acne patients. I tried to explain that I was twenty-seven and my acne was cystic but they wouldn’t budge. I was completely furious.

Oh well…

Phil, I wish you the best of luck with your second round and hopefully you get the results you want. I am not surprised by your story. More and more lately, I find that dermatologists don’t have a clue. I’m fortunate enough to have one who does.

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Guest Craigems

hahahhaha whats up with your derms over in the UK ... wow. If that happened to me i'd be worried ... bigtime.

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