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Could anyone whose been using Epidermx please share their experiences with it whether good or bad...and also answer a few questions

What was the condition of your skin before, active acne mild/moderate, icepicks, red marks etc...

How long did it take to see an improvement?

What kind of improvements did you see?

How often do you use it?

How long does a tub last?

What other products are u using?

Thanks so much biggrin.gif

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Okay so I guess no one's using this or knows what it is? I've been reading about it on another board and it sounds pretty good

I think it's kinda like a home microdermabrasion kit... and from what those other guys are saying it's the best on the market. A lot of people have said that it helps get rid of not only red marks but icepick scars and even chicken pock scars!! and some have said that it also helped with their active acne

Sounds pretty good huh

but since you can only order it from US websites and the total cost is Aus $70 (including shipping) I might wait till I've got my acne under control first but when that day finally comes eusa_pray.gif I'm definately gona give this stuff a go... not only for my acne scars but I've got these four old chicken pox scars bam smack in the middle of my forehead that I wouldn't mind being a bit more subtle.

Anyways if anyone's interested u might want to have a looksie here



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Nooooo.. don't order the full size right away! Too expensive! You can get the sample sizes off of Ebay for $2.50 (USD) a jar.

By the way, I used the Epidermx already, it wasn't anything better than a regular scrub for me (I find GNC's Apricot Facial Scrub which is only 99 cents to be the best). However, you can always try it out for yourself, but for me, it just wasn't that good for me to spend so much money on.



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Hey thanks for the tip Nadiyah, I'll definately give the sample jars from e-bay a whirl

Thanks again smile.gif

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