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Do you think I could get Accutane for

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I don't have severe acne. I have mild/mod. I've been turned down for accutane a few years ago by a previous derm.

It if was just my face I wouldn't care. In fact I'd be joyous. It's my entire body though. Over the past 5 years since I was 12 to 17 it has crept everywhere.

First upper back, shoulders, then lower, then butt and chest. I even get occasional pimples on my arms and forearms. In the past few months I've started getting consistent pimples on my belly and upper thighs and some rare small ones all the way down to my knees.

All together I'd say maybe 40-60 active pimples on my body at any moment. I get cysts, but very rarely. I have two small acne scars on my face that are a bit noticable, but I have the fact that I am scarring on my side when convincing him.

I'm thinking I'm on my last rope and this summer I'm going to go on accutane. I gave up derms a year ago after 4 years of dissapointments, and after researching and trying everything I could find or think of I'm thinking I'm gonna go to a derm and give them one last shot at not letting me down. I'm thinking just what I want to say to the derm to get him to give it to me since just seeing my face I imagine he'd outright refuse at the start. (I only have maybe 5 - 7 active pimples (none cystic, just big ole pustules) and maybe 10 hyperpigmentation marks of notice, although I can see the outlines of really old ones everywhere) This is what I've got so far.

I've tried BP of all %s in creams/gels/and washes and even tried having it on my face 24/7. I've tried SA in washes and lotions. I've tried gycolic acids and AHAs, I've tried differen, I've tried tazorac, I've tried retina. I've been on 2 or 3 antibiotics and a miracle pill or two. I've tried every concievable combination and regimen of the beforementioned and given them all a month or two to kick in. None of these have worked. If you looked up persistent acne that doesn't respond to treatments in the dictionary I'd be next to it. I'm tired of topicals and quite frankly I have too much area to cover now to bother with them. There are more spots in my body that I get acne at then spots I don't anymore. I've given it 5 years. The worst of puberty should be over, but it just gets worse and encampasses more areas every year. I know the risks and I'm not gonna sue ya. Acne has been the sole depression in my life, I've lived with it for 5 years too many and I don't want to live with it another 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 or however long until it clears up on its own if it ever plans to.

If he still refuses I might pull a "then I'll find someone who will!" and storm out, but I'm hoping it won't come to that.

I'm really worried he'll refuse because it's just mild, leaning a bit towards moderate sometimes. But when it's mild over every single freaking area of your body it's just too much because even if I could find something that cured it I'd spend a fortune to cover my body in it and I already spend like half an hour a day just applying whatever lotion or whatever I'm using on my body. I know it's internal and there is something wrong with the skin on my entire body because I get it on my entire body. I'd gladly give my whole body acne for severe facial acne. At least then I wouldn't have to worry about getting a dermatologist to prescribe me accutane. ninja.gif

Do you guys think I'll get it? If I get refused again, I might just get all my old lotions and crap together, put them all on myself on top of each other and try to illicite the worst irritation breakout ever then get an appointment with a different derm, because I really am on my last rope here.

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