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Granuloma Annuulare and Acne

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Has anyone ever heard of this disorder?? well, unfortunately..i have it. it's when birthmark looking lesions pop up on your feet and legs..not very flattering. it's prevalent in diabetics..and i have diabetes...so there you go. i also suffer from bad acne. i went to the derm today, and turns out accutane not only would treat my breakouts on my face, chest and back, obviously...but it would help to cure the GA, disorder, too!! pretty exciting, right??? stupid me chickened out. i really would love to go on accutane..but given i have diabetes and an anxiety disorder, i just didn't think it would be in my best interest. so i settled for the following treatments. please let me know if you've had any success with these meds..i'd appreciate it. smile.gif

dapsone, 100mg--it's an antibiotic. it's for the GA but should be successful in clearing the acne, as well.

yasmin birth control

i settled on a light therapy treatment to take care of the skin disorder..but as far as the acne is concerned...hopefully the birth control AND the antibiotic will wipe it out. she said to give it 3 months...and if there is no improvement THEN, i guess i will have to resort to the accutane. i'll keep you guys posted..thanks for listening. smile.gif

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