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James' Roaccutane Log

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This is the start of my Roaccutane log.

Here's a brief synopsis of my history

i'm 26

had acne since I was 14

It was at its worst when I was 19 and I went on roaccutaine then for 8 months.

Started at 60mg and then ended up on 70mg

At the end of the course my skin totally cleared up and I was relatively clear for 4 years

(although I was on minocycline every now and again)

Acne started coming back when I was 24

When just turned 26 I decided to try B5 hoping that would clear my skin up.

After 5 months of being on B5 my skin is at its worst since I was 19, so now i've stopped taking B5 and am now back on roaccutane.

I'm taking 35mg Roaccutane tablets, and this is going to be my weekly log.

Any questions, please ask!

Week 1

So, i'm back on roaccutane. Haven't noticed any changes to my skin particularly apart from the fact that i'm now getting spots that are coming to a head. I can't help but think that this is a bit of a bonus as for the past few months they've been under the skin and just won't go away.... If they're coming to a head that means they "should" die down a lot quicker!!

I'm assuming thats due to the roaccutane.

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Hi James

I am starting Roaccutane myself next week, I will be on 20mg a day for a long period of about 8-9 months. I am 25 and from your story it sounds like our experiences are very similar. Lets keep in contact to compare results.

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i am starting a low dose regime (20mg a day) on monday too! :: excited to get off antibiotics and not have to deal with BP gel

I have had acne since 13 and this will be my 4th time of accutane :: crazy i know but it always comes back and i'm hoping low dosage over a longer time will helpful and without the initial breakout / severe side effects :::: what do you think?

my derm did prescribe me triaz wash ( bp cleanse 3%) :: do you think this will bleach my hair and / or will it be ok to use while on low dosage accutane???

ALSO :: what do you think about using the clean and clear oil-free moisterized with .05 salycilic acid at night???

this is pretty mild but i don't want to over do it!

- eric

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I am on day 3 of my accutane treatment and I am breaking out badly. At least I know its clearing out my skin but I can assure its not very nice to look at. Hopefully in a week or two things will be on the improve. No dryness yet, but I didn have a headache most of today.


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this is weird. I have like 3 new pimples and I'm on day 9. Maybe I will skip the horrible initial break out.. hm...

anyways, good luck with accutane James!

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Hey guys

sorry for the lack of updates

I guess i'm now on week 2. I've been in San Francisco for the past 12 days on business, and guess what, forgot to take my roaccutaine with me!

Nevertheless, not being on medication, i still had the dry lips, and was skin was photosensitive, got slightly sun burnt, which I dont do normally, i've got quite brown skin.

I was getting sporadic spots as well, however being on roaccutaine for a week prior to going away had stopped the amount of new spots I was getting.

now back in the UK, i've resumed roaccutaine... Skin is ok. Feels a lot drier. New spots are coming less and less. Dry lips a bit, dry skin, but i'm moisturising with oil free moisturiser.

Whiteheads are clearing up, and nearly all blackheads on my nose disappeared whilst I was away on holiday. I've been using this "original source" shower gel which includes tea tree oil. It feels great to use and might be having an effect as well. (bought from boots / tescos)

I think I might be getting some kind of mental side effects though. I think i'm feeling down possibly. Might be due to just coming back from SF - which is such a cool place - back to the uk where its crap weather etc etc normal woes.

hmmm, dunno.

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Hi Guys

Right here's the updates for weeks 3 and 4

Well, i'm still getting spots, got a large under the skin spot on the side of my face, and a number of smaller ones on the other side. All under the skin and dark red.

I'd say i'm getting a few spots a week, however they tend to be big and "scar worthy".

I'm continuing to get side effects such as dried skin, and woke up a few days ago with my lips bleeding.

Blackheads around my nose seem to be less than they used to be. No mental side effects.

I've got a derm appoimtment next friday so will hopefully go up to a higher does, i'm currently on 35mg.

the biggest problem is the no drinking thing, as whenever I go out now, and i'm not drinking I have to explain to everyone that i'm not drinking and why etc etc,

Ah well, a small price to pay for clear skin!

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Week 5

I had a derm appointment last friday, and to be honest i'm rarely impressed by these so called "specialists".

Firstly, he hadn't read my notes properly, as when I mentioned that I had been on roaccutane before for 8 months, he was surprised. Do some background reading before seeing someone, sheesh!

Secondly, whatever I asked he didn't really have any suitable answers for me. Particularly in the field of handling scarring, red marks, length of treatment needed etc.

The only fortunate thing is that he was happy for me to specify what I wanted, which was a higher dose of roaccutane. So now i'm on 60mg.

So, my lips are pretty dry, and they sometimes bleed, but i'm moisturising regularly, which seems to be helping. Spots are getting less and less frequent, YAY!

My experience of using roaccutane (2nd time around) is to hit acne hard with a high dose of roaccutane. Don't skimp around with low doses (if you can handle the side effects this is).

When I was on roaccutane the first time it was for 8 months, and I started on around 50mg i think, and ended up on 70mg, and that kept me relatively acne free for 4 years.

So this time, i'm hoping a 4 month course of being on 60mg should keep me free for atleast a good year or two.

I am definitely keeping onto my medication though even when I finish the course, cause if I do need it again, i'm not going to want to wait 3 months for a blimmin derm appointment!

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Week 6

I've been on 60mg of roaccutaine for going on 10 days now i guess.

Definitely noticed increased side effects, dry skin around the mouth.

I've also had a mini breakout, two red patches, under the skin spots I guess.

Is this due to the increase in roaccutaine perhaps?

apart from that, skin is slowly healing.

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Week 7

Still suffering a second mini breakout

one large red spot to the right of my nose.

Not too worried, because it will die away.

Looking at my face in the mirror though in a certain light, it's obvious that my face is badly scarred / pitted.

I think I might have to go for some kind of laser treatments once this course of roaccutaine is over.... I asked the derm about this, and he said it wouldn't help much, and that it's mostly for people with thick skin?!

I don't hold much faith in these people.... Can anyone suggest any solutions?

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