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eusa_naughty.gif Ugh!! Do NOT waste your money on this product! It is super expensive and did absolutely nothing but make my skin consistently worse. It didn't dry it out at all which was a plus but after the 8th week I couldn't take it anymore, I just continued to break out. Honestly the only thing that has ever worked for me has been Dan's regimine. You just have to find your own moderation of his formula cause it may be too much if you follow it w/the full amount of BP. I never use more than a quarter of a finger and it works wonderfully! Don't understimate the benefits of the homemade products either...baking soda scrub and vinegar as well as the lemon/egg whites mask works great as well!! Just NO ZENMED! smile.gif

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I have never read a favorable review of Zenmed on these boards. It was the first thing I ever tried for acne... didn't work for me either.

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The trick is the capsules. The cleanser and moistuizer are worthless and a complete waste of money. The capsules, however, are the most potent and effective herbal acne formula I've found anywhere, on the internet or in stores. I have experienced very significant clearing with the capsules, which are best used not as directed (every day indefinitely) but as 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on and so on. This cycling ensures sustained clearing whereas continuous use simply results in clearing, breakout, clearing, breakout and so on.

So I would very strongly recommend (and have elsewhere on this site-- see my post in the thread on "clearpores") that anyone with mild to moderate purchase the capsules at http://zenmed.com. I must reiterate that only the capsules should be bought, separately and not in the topical package, and achieve optimal and sustained clearing with a 2 week on/off cycling method.

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