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I've heard a lot of bad things about BP. Does it really speed up aging? If so I will start using Salicylic acid. Does SA have side effects? Just curious... Which do you think that I should use?

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well, they are both different products with different actions. Benzoyl peroxide kills the acne bacteria, and has some drying effects and mild comedolytic effects. Salicylic acid mostly helps exfoliate the very top of the skin, to help keep pores from clogging, it has no effect on the acne bacteria at all.

From my past experience, SA alone did nothing for my acne, and while it may have helped with pores (I could not tell either way), it did not lessen the acne at all, and always made my skin feel way more oily.

BP is drying, and will kill those bacteria that promote acne. So, for me personally, BP produces the best results.

The combination of the two products can be very helpful, but does increase the risk of dryness and peeling, and Dan does not recommend using both together anyway. Such as an SA wash, followed by a leave-on BP. But this is very drying. Other's have used both products in different formulations, and I did as well for many years.

But I have recently discovered, that BP alone will do the trick for me, with no SA needed. But SA alone is ineffective for me.

So I suppose it's up to you to try and see what works for you individually.

Good luck.

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The side effects are similar for both, and depend on the strength of each product as well. Typically redness and peeling. With the side effects worse at higher dosages.

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