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Regime Questions

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I have some questions about the regime why do you have to wash your face in the shower? I take baths instead of showers, can I just steam my face before washing.

Also, what about sunscreen? Should you apply an oil-free sunscreen after moisterizing? eusa_eh.gif

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I think Dan mentions washing in the shower, only because I think most adults tend to prefer a shower. But washing in the bath is fine. I actually shower in the morning, then have a bath before going to bed! eusa_angel.gif And I do my regimen washing in both. For the bath, I get in while the water is still running and use the fresh water coming out of the faucet to wash with, this works just fine. So if you prefer baths, I would just recommend using the fresh water, and not the water you are sitting in.

As for your question about sunscreen, I think most of us here use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen in it. These products are pretty easy to find, if you need some suggestions, go back to the list of dan's recommended products for use with the regimen, and check out the moisturizers listed, they all contain sunscreen I believe. But if you do not want to go purchase a new product, and you already have a good oil-free moisturizer and a good oil-free sunscreen, just apply the sunscreen last. Make sure it says on there that it is non-comedogenic, so it doesn't clog your pores. But in the future to simplify the application process, you might consider purchasing a moisturizer that has spf in it.

Hope this helps.

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Guest Anubis

I take baths too...just like them and they are more relaxing. The steam from the bath is probably enough especially if you close the shower curtain while bathing. I too only use clean water to rinse with.

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