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How Effective is Prednisone?

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How fast does it work?

What was YOUR dose on it?

How long were you on it?

How well did it work?

Please, share your experience on this drug. Please...

Eternal Gratitude to those who reply,


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Guest Craigems

i started at 25mg, and within 2 days all cystic acne went down and then all the others followed... my skin went completely flat. And you get really happy on the drug.

Now i'm on about 5mg/day comming off very slowly.

Its fantastic i was on prednisone up and down but mostly low dose of about 10mg for most of my treatment for almost 5 months now. But i have to come off coz its not good for you long-term.

Highly recommend it ... be sure to taper off the drug. otherwise you might get an acne backlash

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Thx Craig!

I'm gon ask for a prescription of Prednisone... see what the Derm says...

My face is so bumpy. And most of the bumps are bigger than the size of a dime. So..... i seriously need something to flatten all that out...

Thx again for your reply! Hey, BTW your SKIN seems to be doing AWESOME! I saw your pic in the update of your Tane ride!

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Definitely be forewarned that prednisone can make you quite manic, depending on the dose. I find that anything over 15-20 mgs makes it extremely difficult to sleep. I would recommend getting a prescription for ambien along with the pred (assuming that you have a good Rx plan). Ambien works much better than anything you can get OTC and has very little hangover in the morning. By the way, I did not take pred with my accutane, but have taken it for other health problems. I can tell you A LOT about pred, but it might not be so useful unless you're on it for more than a month or two. berry

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Please do.

BTW how are your eyes doing? You said that you'd be gettin off of Tane becoz of it. I'm so sorry to hear that.

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