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having regimen probs : advice pleaSe

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been on the regime for 3 weeks and it seems to be clearing up my acne. The redness has gradually passed and my skin is back to its usuall tone, its just the dry skin thats bothering me now. my face looks like its all falling off at times thru the day and im using a moisturiser that people with exhma use so its pretty strong stuff, my face seems peel underneeth the moisturiser because when i touch it it isnt flakey its very greasy. also iv been told that my skin looks old around my eyes asif im getting wrinkles and it does feel tight there at times. Today i allowed the skin on my face to wash off in the shower, i diddnt scrub it i just patted it with my hands whilst the water was falling on it and loads of dead skin came of but my spots are more visible now that iv done this. Just wondering if the dryness is going to go really and whether i should be using a specific type of moisturiser to combat this problem. iv used neutrogena all day moisturiser b4 and i hated it.


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I'd use an alpha hydroxy moisturizer everyday. It aids in exfoiliation, but it does't tear the skin like scrubbing can.

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are you using the purpose cleanser? if so thats what it is. i had the same problem and changed to cetraphil. its not so dry anymore but becuase i changed i got some more acne so i am looking for a new cleanser right now. just change to a different cleanser.

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