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Newbi on Roaccutane,saying hi

ive been using the clearskin.net forum a lot but not many people use it so its great ive just discovered this one and u all seem so nice!! i started roaccutane 4 days ago, by the way ive noticed a lot of people calling it ROaccutane instead of accutane so im guessing a lot of u r from the uk!! i tried loads of rubbish fads before giving into roaccutane but ive heard so many success stories im confident its gonna work, god i hope it does, only side affects so far is dry face and very red face which i actually like cause it hides the old red marks very well! anyway ill let u know how it goes

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hey, welcome to acne.org then smile.gif I myself just started accutane. I'm on my second day and haven't noticed any dryness yet. For you it all started really fast. I hope it will be as fast for me.

Yeah lets hope that accutane works. I'm so sick of acne.

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i think it maybe cause i have a high metabolism, possibly? i dunno im not a doctor, thats good youve just started too, u can be my roaccutane buddy, god that sounds sad im so glad nobody knows who u r on the internet!!!!

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