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Nose blackhead strikes again?

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Hi there!

My acne consisted, initially, of some zits, LOTS of blackheads and oily face.

I started, as of January 7th, a daily treatment consisting in a capsule of 100mg Minocycline, and Differin(adapalene gel).

This first treatment lasted for 2 months and cleared my face of zits(I have one every once in a while) and reduced my face of some(few) blackheads.

I had many in my nose, and they dissapeared almost completely!

Than I started the second treatment, taking 20mg of Roaccutane(european accutane) daily, and Differin every 2 days(1 day of interval).

My zits are gone, the oil in my face is gone, I still have some blackheads, and what concerns me is that my nose blackheads are striking again massively!! I got so dissapointed, because I though I already had passed this mad.gif

I'm on day 20 of a total of 50 days of treatment. Could this be another passing phase? I'm really scared i'm gonna have these blackheads on my nose forever. Please help! Thanks

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howcome you started roaccutane? did ther dermatologist prescribe it for you?

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