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Acne LMAO where has it gone??????

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I had bad acne on my chin. I had many cysts too.

My regime

Well i had used the oxy on the spot for a couple of months that cleared it up loads.

But then it all come back after my spots became immune.

Well backin the old days they never had all these mad chemicals.

So i though forget all the harsh chemicals being rubbed into my skin, just makes it worse.

Well i walked into boots 3 months ago.

I decided on getting some antioxiants. and plenty of vitimin E

I saw some nice looking tablets, plain box, looks good no colours which is too in your face.

Little did iknow that this will change my face forever. Although squite expensive.

Selenium immunace.

and also i purchased some vitimin E tablets.

I have 2 selenium everyday and 1 vitimin E.

and also i use no crappy chemicals on my face except what the cleaners leave behind.

I use the clean & clear exofoliating stuff everyday and i use the clearasil for men facial cleanser to the foamy stuff twice a day also.

after 1week i noticed a significant difference.

I then started to use a facial machine them things that evaporate water into your face. I add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to which you can get from the body shop.

I am male and am 17 and i dont care that thius thing seems feminine.

I used this everynight for 2 weeks then i started bringing it down to every toher night, now i am on tiwce a week.

These are brilliant machines.

Now after 3 months i haven't had a spot for about 1 month untill 5 days ago where i managed to get three on the side of my chin. Nothing bad really they were quite small. I put some of my littlesister nappy cream on it. SUDOCREAM over night and voila in the morning i was left with a 3 little red lumps with no yellow or black head.

Amazing the spot cleared the next day.

The problem i have is scars from when my acne was bad. I am half caste and so when i get spots i get left with a litlle brown scar after which is a significantly different tone to my skin. So now i am mainly just left with these scars and maybe the occasional spot now and again.

I am wondering what can get rid of these stupid scars. I have some glycolic acid but dont really know what to do with this or if it will help the scars at all.

Does anyone have any ideas pleaseeee......

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If you're still into the natural approach that doesn't involve putting a lot of harsh topicals on your face, you could simply go the the pharmacy and pick up a tube of aloe vera gel - try to get one that is very pure (they usually sell 98 or 99% so look for those). Use the aloe as a moisturizer for your face. Put in on in the morning and before you go to bed and you should start to see a significant difference - although it's not going to clear up over night. Emu oil does the same thing but it's quite heavy and you can't get it in a typical pharmacy.

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