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Yesterday I was feeling quite good about my skin, it had been calm for a few days and I thought oh finally the lymecyclines kicked in and its gonna be an easy ride for now. I dont know why I thought that, over the past 4 months theres been about 6 instances where I thought my skin was on the up but each time it just fucks up and starts breaking out again. By last night I had a few lumps I could feel on my face. This morning they've got slightly bigger and redder. eusa_wall.gifeusa_wall.gif

I'm gonna be trapped inside my house for 4 days over the holidays as well, I'm bored as hell already and its only saturday morning. I just cant go out looking like this. I've just got to the half way mark of my 4 month lymecycline regimen and it looks more or less the same as when I started, so i'm a bit down about that as well. My derm has said that if it hasnt cleared up when I go back, then roaccutanes the only thing left to try. I wanna go on the tane right now, I don't wanna have to wait 8 more weeks!!! I suppose the last 8 weeks have flown by but, *siggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh* i'm just fed up of waiting. Weekends are the hardest, during the week I'm at work and its just the evenings where I get a bit bored, but weekends, bank holiday weekends in particular, just drag onnnnnnnnn and onnnnnnnn

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man if you want to hide inside while your face is going through a bad brekaout i don't find a problem with that as long asy ou dont' stay in side even when you ahve 1 or 2 spots on it because then you are becoming a hermit which isn't good.

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Depends how big the spots are. My skin is mainly clear now, but every now and then I'll get a big carbuncle that will look like it ought to have it's own planetary system. I got a whopper on my forehead last week made me look like I had a conjoined twin attached to me. I made it worse by trying to pop it before it was ready. Now I have a big scar. Lovely.

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Guest Anubis

I think we can all relate. None of us really wants to go out when our face is having a bad day. Don't let it rule your life! Try to get out and have fun!

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