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Ok, Ive been through so many ups and downs. As you guys know, i had mild acne to begin with and got prescribed Dynacin 100mg a day, Tazorac cream at night, and Clindagel for the mornings. The first couple of weeks were Hell! Thats when my neck got all red for like 2 weeks and i had to deal with the initial side effects of very dry skin, flaky skin, and a little reddened skin. Once i got through all those side effects (probably about week 8), i thought i was on my way to clear skin. I had kept getting pimples here and there, and i was just hoping for that 12 week mark. Well 12 weeks came and i still was getting pimples!! I was so mad. My neck was like a pizza almost (it wasnt really that bad but for me it was). But i just stuck with tazorac and went on. Then, my face started looking like it was finally clearing up by like week 13 1/2 , and what did i do? I visited a friend at college and ended up staying there for 2 days. For those 2 days i didnt put ANYTHING on my face at all. When i came back home i had like 5 new pimples. Then the next morning i woke up with like 10 total new pimples (probably from the tazorac bringing everything out again from missing 2 days of it). I was so mad!! So days went by and i had to keep dealing with those dam whiteheads again (it kinda reminded me of week 1-4 when i first started tazorac) and i had to deal with some dryness and flakes again. But, I religiously put it on everynight after that. Then in early week 15, those pimples finally started clearing up and my face did like a total turn around. My neck just like cleared up almost perfectly in like a couple days and i stopped getting pimples finally on the rest of my face. Right now (week 16), I only have like 1 active pimple on my jawline and just some remaining red marks that continue to fade on my mustache/chin and neck area. So, i think its safe to say now that tazorac is working!! Im not really dry anymore, my face has recovered from those 2 nights i missed treatment.

So for all of you on tazorac, dont be discouraged if u still get pimples on week 12. For me it took about 16 weeks for the breakouts to finally decrease dramatically. I still get 1 or 2 new tiny pimples here and there every week or so, but im sure they'll stop as i go further into weeks of tazorac. So stick with it guys!!

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You noted that your neck broke out. Mine has started to do so. However, I have been noticing that my face is full of red/purple marks. Especially on my jaw-line it looks like I am broken out much worse than I am. I haven't really picked at my face, but notice that sometimes the acne just dries up and falls off (leaving a large mark behind). I was just wondering, did you experience anything similar? If so, have the marks faded since your face has gotten clear?

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Mouse, Yes the tazorac DID make my face more oily, probably within the first 6-8 weeks my face was extra oily. But after 8 weeks, it came back to normal.

Gopher, yea my neck broke out because of the tazorac. I never raelly had any acne down there, but i started putting tazorac down there for the hell of it and i broke out pretty badly up to like week 15.

Yes, i know what your talking about with the jaw line and red marks. It just takes like at least 4 days after the pimple has been popped for the red mark to clear up (for me at least). And, yes, my acne does dry off and flake off. I sometimes pick the flakes from the pimple but i notice that just leaves a temporary red mark so i try not to. And....The red marks have definetly disappeared now. Like i said, just give it time. I was still breaking out at week 14! Stick with it

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