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it really sucks going from bad skin to clear skin

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Ok, so ive had acne for about 4 years total now, off and on. I'd say about 2 years ago is when I was at my peak, which was the worst of my acne, and since then its been goin down.

Anyways, last year I was put on Accutane over the summer of July 04', and it worked wonders for me. I was so excited that i had a clear face, and it was great for the moment it lasted, but then i went downhill again.

slowly but surely, my acne made a comeback around the end of October. By the end of December, my acne was back, not as bad as it once was, but it was back, but in my opinion it feels MUCH worse going from bad skin to clear skin BACK to bad skin rather than just clear skin to bad skin, cuz you lose everything AGAIN.

wow, just great, now its almost the end of march, and im almost back where i started, using medications (tetracycline) that dont do a damn thing for my skin, actually , the only thing it does do to my body is make me really sick, which is why i dont even take the pills anymore......

anyways, i jsut wanted to vent this, cuz i feel like im back where i started, and while i had my moments of happiness, im just back where i started. depressed. you know, i will admit my acne is nowhere near as it used to be, but just the thought of going back to anti socialism really hurts...

anyways, i am excited tho that imma see my derm next wednesday for another checkup, and the derm told me most likely, imma go BACK on accutane if the tetracycline doesnt work for me, in which case it hasnt, so im really happy to go back on accutane cuz i know for fact it will work, but this time i hope it rids my acne forever!!!

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HOWEVER, one thing i am happy about my accutane is that it completely cleared up my horrible back acne, in which case, still has not come back to this day!! well actually a little, here and there, but nothing to the point where i cant take my shirt off, and i do feel good about that, but nobody even sees my back so what does it matter?!!

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My acne comes and goes all the time, its usually very bad in winter gets very mild in spring and it completely disapears by summer, but always returns by december-ish sad.gif

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I hear you. I really, really do.

Last November, I started to use Pro-Activ. It was a godsend. In three weeks, I had porcelin clear skin. I wasn't even that clear as a CHILD!

And then, inevitably, the effects started to fade.

It was a terrific blow and it really threw me out of whack about all sorts of things. I definatly agree that it can be harder to go from bad to clear back to bad....

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A couple of years ago I cleared up 100% by simply doubling my antibiotic dosage. The year that followed was superb but then the acne came back when the topical I was also using (benzamycin) went out of production. The years that have passed since then have been nothing compared to that one clear year. I hope you have luck when you go back to see your derm!

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thatguy16 i am in the same situation, been off accutane since decemeber and now my face looks like shit. mind you not nearly as bad as it did b4 i went on accutane but really bad for me and i don't want to face anyone. th eproblem is my derm won't give me accutane again which i spissing me off cause everytime i see her my face seems to clear up. it is like acn ehas a mind of its own and does only what it wants to ruin my life. i fucking hate life so much righ tnow because i shall never win.

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just tell your derm that your acne is getting bad and accutane in your opinion is the only that will work

thats what imma do this wednesday, and i think my derm will listen

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