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Obagi Blue Peel vs. Laser?

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I recently came back from a derm who treats acne scars and was given recommendation to try the obagi blue peel. Supposedly, this peel works pretty good from his experience on mild - mod. acne scars. Cost is about 600 plus 300 for the support products, obagi nuderm system.

Can anyone provide some feedback as to whether or not this is worth a try? Another surgeon has quoted me sessions for pulsed beam laser at 400 per session, 5 session pack. So would like some opinions on which option I should take.



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My derm told me that the "blue peel" was basically a TCA that turns a blue color shortly after applied to alert the Dr. that it's time to wipe off the chemical so it won't burn too deep. The blue color also helps the Dr. know where the chemical has been applied so that a particular area is not done over agressively.

I had a med. depth TCA with zero improvement on depressed scars. It did help with sun damage, and can improve texture, but in my case it was not worth the down time and money spent. You didn't say what type of scarring you have. In my estimation, if you have any mild depressions or saucers, consider smoothbeam over the chemical peel. If your scars are simply discoloration, then you could see nice improvement with the peel.

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Thanks for the comments Wildcard. I've got some mild depressed scars and of course the red marks that go along with it. I appreciate your experience because the 2 docs were both confident that their recommendation would solve the problems.

If time and money permits, it'd be worthwhile to do both wouldn't it? 1 for scars and 1 to get rid of the discoloration/texture, or does the laser already solve that problem?

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I agree with Wildcard. I have not heard of any instances in which TCA or Obaji have improved depressed acne scars.

Did your Dr. give you any further info on which laser he/she would be using? N-Lite? Smoothbeam? CoolTouch? In my opinion if it's N-Lite, maybe - Smoothbeam, yes - CoolTouch, probably not. See the thread on Non-Ablative lasers for more info about these types of lasers.

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