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Hi, I've just started using BP again only Im baffled, cause my skin doesnt even turn remotely red or sensitive, even when totally slathered on, or rubbed in. Is my skin not going to react to it?? The cream i use is 5%, so stronger than Dans recommendation of 2.5, but i couldnt find any of that percentage. Surely though you'd expect my skin to flare up even more red, not the opposite?!!!

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For some ppl, like myself. I can throw on lots of BP and let it dry and I barely have to moisterize anywhere, just under my chin a bit. For others it makes their skin dry, itchy, flaky, and irrated even with a tiny bit. I have been using BP for a long, long time though so my face is quite used to it by now.

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Basically, it's a different amount depending on the oilyness of your skin. I have moderately oily skin (3 years ago I would have said very oily) so if I squeeze more more than 3" out the tube then it starts to make it go very dry. If you use too much then I've found it actually make the acne worse because it is irritating the skin rather than healing it.

Also, I don't think it's a good idea to rub the cream in too much but instead to leave a thin film on your skin instead.

However, this is just my experience with BP, it may vary for other people. My best advice I can give is to experient until you find a method that works.

One last thing - If your skin is very dry from the last time you used it, skip the next time, otherwise it will only make it worse.

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