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Ok, first off Ill give you some background. I am 17, turning 18 in a month. I have had acne since the 6th grade back when it was just the one zit on the side of the nose type deal. then it got worse and it aws never "severe" but it was definately harshly mild. enough where I was very self conscious and still am as a result. but recently I was reading these forums and was thinking of trying something new. Late last summer I saw a commercial for some clearasil product "ultra?" I think it is 10% benzoyl peroxide and on the commercial it said clearer skin in 3 days guarunteed. this was enough to sell me. so I bought some and it works wonderfully minus the mild to severe drying if you use it 3 times a day like it says to. but after those 2 or 3 days it was almost perfectly clear skin. and I could never find a moisturizer that doesnt lead to me breaking out. but anyways that worked good for spot treatment mostly because its too harsh to use as often as it says to. then like 3-4 months later I met a girl who I fell in love with... so you know how that works, you want to look your best when with them. so I started using it again just to take care of some problem spots and all of a sudden BAM it got like 3x worse than it had ever been in my life. for the last 6 years it was as bad as its ever been. I always has the pimples in certain areas, and just barely notieable blackheads on my nose but then for the first time I got those swarms of little zits on my forehead and upper cheeks under my eyes and along the wrinkle between cheeks and lips (like where a tear would roll down) and anyways omg I was horrified.she hasnt said a word beacause she is a sweetheart but it certainly KILLS self-esteem. so I was reading these fourms and I saw ppl talking about proactiv and since I am not ready for prescription because I enlisted last summer in the army natl guard but I am yet to ship to basic training untiol this june 22nd and you cannot be on prescriptions when you ship. so I was leaning towards proactiv and I have seen ppl get mixed resultsbut anyways I bought it. and I had my one weekend a month on the friday I recieved it so I couldnt really use it. but I did kinda. at night not in the morning cuz we dont have time at 4:30am to wash our faces and put many layers of crap on them haha. but once I got home I started the regimen full time. I wake up, the first wash part whihc is 2.5% benzoyl peroxide then I use the toner then the moisturizer... I do that at night and in the am.... and maybe when I get home from school before work. it has now been 8 days since I recieved the kit and like 6 days since I started really using it the way its supposed to be used. for the first couple of days it almost looked like it was getting worse and I was getting discouraged but I was like well I paid like 40 bucks for this so damnit im gonna use it. and i think tis been getting steadily better. but today was the day when I woke up and looked at my face and was like holy crap! its 2349284819% better! the only problem is the dryness I get under my bottom lip. I need to reapply the moisturizer alot there. but it is well worth the price. So 8 days into and I am sooo happy I bought it. as for the plastic look... if your face is wet/hot when you put on the moisturizer then it happens. or if you put it on and your like out in hot weather and your face gets oily. but when that happens I kinda just dab my shirt on my face or something and it takes off alot of the excess shiny-ness. Or what works best is putting it on then either having something blow on your face to dry the lotion (i.e., stick head out of car window haha... I really do it too.) or be out in cold weather (I live in massachusetts) but like 30mins to an hour after you do all of the cleaning and toner and moisturizing it looks much better and smooth and even. So basically I am very very very pleased witht he results.my skins seems to be clearing up just in time for her prom! but pretty much I just have to be mindful of the dry area, but thats really the only problem dry spot im getting. but as for the little zits on my forhead.... GONE and when I wake up with a new zit like on my chin it is VERY small and no pain associated with it and it just has that feeling that it will be gone the next day. and usually it is.your face feels weird, almost like leather but I would have to say it is well worth it. because this is probably the clearest my skin has been in 6 years. and its all thanks to proactiv and this message board. tonight I am thinking of using the mask... but im afraid to. I dont wanan change anything lol. I think I will tomorrow night tho and tell you all how it works out. but if you wish to follow this go ahead... if not I hope what you have read so far helps you. I can feel your pain. youknow the regimen I will now just share with you the results. if you have any questions just ask thanks

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ok, I tried that sulfur face mask thing... it felt good it was all tingly and refreshing but when I rinsed it off my face was SO damn dry. so I dont think Ill ever use it again.... but maybe I just have dry skin.

today my face is looking good again. very few like maybe 2-3 zits and they are tiny, hard to notice unless your looking for em. I am very happy with proactiv. all I need to do to deal with the drying it use smoe heavy duty moisturizer that isnt oily. right now im using some E45 cream.... its for hands I think but its doing the job. Im thinking of using clinique M (my older brother has some and told me to try it) but basically im afraid of trying new things when what im doing now works... so if this stuff starts making me break out then Ill switch to that. so this is pretty much it... the mask sucks for me but might be good for you. goooooo proactiv!

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