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Hydrocortisone injections and other options

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Ok...didn't know where to post this.

I'm clear from the regimen and have been so for 3 months. But I have a very small hard lump (a cyst I suppose) just under the corner of my mouth. I wouldn't call it active acne ...because it has been there for an age and it is not inflammed and not sore to touch. But the skin never settles there and always looks pigmented. I think the bog standard derm treatment is to inject it with hydrcortisone - I have heard bad stories on this board about scarring this can produce. I also can't see how useful this will be if there is no inflammation. Is there any other procedures that derms do to excise these?

Basically I want to visit a derm knowing all the options - because is it my imagination or are specialists pretty crap at volunteering them? Very grateful for any suggestions you can offer.

(Maya...if I have committed a faux pas by posting here please shift :) )

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frances - this is the wrong board for this question - but I'll keep this post here for a day so you see it - great acne related advice - go to www.clearskin4me.com - there are some extremely knowledgeable posters there who may be able to help you - seek out Mari, Solomio and Denise (there are others too of course) - they are experts!!

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Thanks Maya...I see you are even busier than I first imagined. I've posted at Clearskin so I will see what comes of it. Sorry about the wrong location...my question just didn't fit into any of the board categories.

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