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302 what?

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Protein Drops

Avocatin 302

Derived from avocado, the active component in avocado that is the basis for the folklore of the fruit and its benefits to the skin. The subject of numerous clinical studies. When topically applied, it works to build skin protein by forming glucose. It is very effective in rebuilding the epidermis as well as the dermis which have thinned or become heavy and inelastic because of medications, acne, or age.

Avocado Extracts

A mix of proprietary compounds which have demonstrable anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, non-irritating, well tolerated. Mild lysyl oxidase inhibitor.

Retinyl Palmitate (0.1%) – Vitamin A

Used in this formula to promote new blood vessel growth in the skin and to effect DNA repair of cells damaged by UV (sunlight). We use a low concentration which minimizes inflammation but achieves the desired results. Its functions complement the Avocatin 302.


A light liquid vegetable extract, which provides emollience and helps disperse the Avocatin 302 and Retinyl Palmitate. Squalane is not to be confused with squalene which is derived from shark liver.


A light liquid used as a spreading agent and barrier. A nearly inert substance which degrades into simple hydrocarbons and silicates which ultimately are sloughed off with dead skin cells.

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Do you know of uk sites that sell this product? By the way, do you know if this product kills the occasional mild acne?

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