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pigmented pitted scars/Met a Derm yesterday

I met a derm's aesth yesterday and I asked about the scars camflouge creams and such.She let me know that since I have pitted scars that something such as DermaBlend will not work.

She did say it is not possible to cover a pitted scar but not with dermablend. She basically didn't know how or if it is possible.This leads me to 2 questions. I am a male of medium to dark skin (Asian Indian descent)

1)Is it possible to conceal a pitted scar with some type of neutral concealor before applying the foundation to match your skin color?Baho mentioned to me that the neutral concealor can get rid of the uneveness of the skin.

2)Also,My pits are hyperpigmented so maybe the texture won't be improved, but can the color be correct as long as it matches my skin?And where do you find Prescriptives cosemetics?They tailor make it to match your skin so where can I get that test?I live in central Texas and are there any major dept stores that carry it besides Nordstroms?

Thanks guys.

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i only know an answer to one of your questions, prescriptives is found at Dillards, Foleys, Macys, they do have powders that they mix to match your skin, but it is a bit expensive, they also give out samples of other makeups they sell if you are interested. I have not tried everything there is to try, but so far I have not come across a makeup that covers really well, there is always some redness showing through. I'm not giving up though, in the department stores though, the gals are helpful in that they will give samples of makeup to try, of what they have out.

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pitted scars are scars. you can't cover up the indent with makeup. makeup only evens out skin tone and improves texture slightly. but with any indentation there is no makeup that will fill that in. unless you're doing special effects. that problem has to be dealt with at the root. scar therapy with collagen fillers or some sort of dermabrasion or subscision.

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