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recently i stopped using both cleaners and moisturizers, only water. and i dont rub my face. i have been doing this 4 about 3 weeks.

now a layer of crap has begun to add up on my skin. it kindof absorbs the oil (my skin is exstremely oily under normal circumstances)so the skin feels rough and dry, like sandpaper. there are also small white things everywhere (dead skin??). my skin is sooo gross. as far as i know, skin isnt supposed to do like this just because you only use plain water on it.

i cant even use a scrub because i have a huge amount of red marks and some pimples, and they are sensitive like hell. they usually fade in like 6-8 months so i dont wanna disturb them. by the way i got a professional to exfoliate my skin once and my red marks got sooo much worse, in fact my skin was all red for a week. i didnt leave home that week.

now what can be done to make my skin look and feel like skin, i hide from the sunlight because it really looks gross there??? plz help

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Well I think you can ascertain that the "only water" thing is NOT working. You need to return to using some products buddy - your skin obviously ain't coping on it's own.

Sounds like you are in dire need of some cleansing and gentle exfoliation. You have sensitive skin? - well don't use mecahnical exfoliants (scrubs), any products with fragrances or colouring. There are heaps of exfoiliants around that are gentle - ahas etc.

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