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FLUCLOXICILLIN Antibiotic cleared acne in weeks PLEASE READ

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I have had severe acne since I was 16 years old, only on my face, the skin on my body has always been perfect...

I have been on everything except Roacutane, my sister went on it and the side effects were unpleasant. At 25 I was put onto Diannette which calmed the problem, but I would still get bad skin...

In February 2003 I got a nasal bacterial infection, Staphylocchol or something similar, my doctor gave me Flucloxicillin to clear it and at this point my acne was at its worst, huge painful boils all over my chin and jawline.

The nasal infection cleared within a week, BUT within finishing the 3 week course of tablets, my acne was also cleared.

I went back to my doctor, he was shocked, my skin is perfect you would not know I had ever had such bad acne...He gave me more Flucloxicillin and my skin is still beautiful, no spots, no boils, no anything...no side effects...my life has changed dramatically thanks to this tablet.

This anti-biotic is not meant for acne, it is a drug that fights bacterial infections on soft tissue area's....I DON'T CARE what its for, it is my miracle cure, if anyone wants to discuss or has any experience with Flucloxicillin please contact me.

This needs to be tried by other sufferers, I may be lucky and it may not work for others, but what if it does...research needs to be done to see why it worked for me.

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It's quite possible that you had a combination of acne and a bad staph skin infection. It is difficult to tell them apart sometimes. If you treat a staph infection like acne, it will not get better. I took Cipro to clear up a skin infection that looked like acne and it worked wonders. I am now on my second month of Keflex and it has just about finished the job of clearing me up. Your derm has to be willing to look at acne in non-traditional ways. I urge those with resistant acne-like lesions to get them cultured to see if it is not something else.

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You know what...I have said for years, although my skin looks bad and I got bullied for having "acne" I personally have always felt that its not acne that I have had...

But doctors and derms say it is, so what can you say.

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