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I wish I did not have Acne Scars

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I hate looking at myself everyday in the mirror

I hate having to be in lighted places, I feel better in the dark where no one is looking at me

I hate having to hide behind my long hair

I wish I can wake up one morning and not have any scars in my face.

But there is nothing I can do, but be grateful for being healthy, as for many people have worse issues than appearance. I hate the fact that we live in a world were one is either beautiful or ugly. Too bad having acne and scars isn't a characteristic of beauty, or else I too would be beautiful. For now I will wait, what else can I do. My acne is gone after following the regimen, but I was left with the scars. I'm optimistic that there will be some type of solution for all of us suffering from acne scars. This is my first post, it's just that sometimes I feel depressed too.

There is a person in this site that claims that people cause scars not acne. Just to let you know, when I was 15 I went to a dermatologist for my problem, I can not recall what medicine he prescribed me. I used the medicine as directed, this medicine eliminated the acne, but I guess it was so strong on my skin, that it cleared it, but it also left scars. I have never picked on my face, and I still have scars.

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Yes my sig says something to that effect but i am not sure if you are referring to it.

Let me state the reasons for that sig. It has several.

1) My scars were self inflicted and i am paying the price. I never really got acne that bad but i was just stupid in mistreating the few big ones that i did get. That is why i am here. I am a borderline case. I was 2 cysts away from being unscarred and free. Unfortunately i didn't know this at the time. However i don't have scarring all over my face that is why i reckon i can cure my problem.

2) People judge scarring and it is people that discriminate against people that have it. Therefore if people did not care about scarring then we wouldn't be here today. In some ways society is to blame not acne or scarring. The first doctor i ever saw when i had acne at 16 said to me let nature take its course. He was quite relaxed about it and maybe i should of been.

Really acne and scars can cause mental scarring. Acne can scar by itself i agree but in my case this was not so. The sig relates to me so i don't mean to cast it over all of you out there. If you weren't refering to my sig i apologize for going on as usual.

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