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Im a depressed girl, that feels the ugliest in the universe.

I don't think someone my age, has more acne scars than me.

The people of my age that i know, have mild to moderate scarring, but not such as deep and big as my scars.

Is there a teenage girl, or a young lady on this universe, that has severe cystic acne, with very deep acne scars??,

or im the only? :)

I prefer I was never born.

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Nah i can't say i know anyone personally. But i have met many strong women with acne and scarring.

When i was at University we had these tutorials for each subject. There was one girl who had cystic acne all over her face. She was the most intelligent person in the room. Each of us had to comment on the weekly question and she was the most confident speaker always chiming in with insightful comments. I admired her for what she said. At first i was thinking how can she cope but she was soon liked by everyone. I saw her two years later and her face was completely clear. Amazing but i still remember that one girl. The lecturer would always look to her first for the opening comment and she wouldn't fail him.

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Wow, that really is amazing. When I had acne, I never wanted to draw any attention to myself. That girl really had the right attitude didn't she? She probably helped heal her acne by being as vocal as she was. That's really inspiring.

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Hey there! Well, not sure if I count as a young lady or not as I am 29 :D but I have been suffering from cystic acne since I was in my early 20s.It took me years before going to a doctor who when he saw my face just said he felt so bad for me. I kept it covered with long hair. The acne was so bad that it hurt to touch or wash my face... it was too painful with the cysts underneath.

I also have scarring but not 'pit' but more dark marks on my skin. At the moment my acne is under control using the BP regimen :). I have tried anti-biotics and another lotion that burnt my face but my acne never went away till now. Now all I have to do is get rid of the scars but I am hoping that a Vitamin K cream will help.

Stay encouraged. I know how it feels, especially for women, we tend to want to look our best at all times, I find myself looking at other womens' skin and envying their clear skin!!! It's almost an obsession but I do feel if you can feel good in yourself and radiate confidence then people don't really notice your skin but they notice YOU. I have even cut my hair short so there's no hiding my face anymore! I see myself in the morning each day and sometimes hate my skin, cover it up with make-up, though you can still see scars, and wonder how I can go out anywhere. But as soon as I start seeing people and talking to them I feel confident enough to forget about my skin and just chat and smile.

That's what's most important... feeling good about yourself however you look... it IS what's inside that counts.. and I have years of experience believe me and most people show shock when I mention my acne... like they had hardly even noticed before! :)

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