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Cherlyn's Tane Log

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I've been suffering from moderate acne on my chest, upper back and upper arms for more than 8 years now (I'm 19). My face was relatively clear up until this year - it's a little spotty now. PLUS, the acne has spread from my upper back all the way to my waist. Oh well! I'll take pics when I can afford a digicam.

After trying out some dumb antibiotics, which the derm yesterday admitted was for people with "transient" acne problems (I hardly qualify, would I??!?), he put me on Accutane. He's giving me an extremely low dosage - 10mg a day! And only for a course of 3 1/2 months. Does anyone think this is too low? He explained that the dosage was relative to your body weight, and since I'm only 44kg I don't need that much. I might also get to avoid many of the side effects since I'm on such a low dosage. I suppose that sounds logical enough!

Frankly, I'm not that excited about getting started, like many others. This is mainly because I only started seeing a derm last year (haha, stupid me, I've never even HEARD of accutane before coming to acne.org), and by then I already had severe scarring on my back. Accutane will cure and prevent active pimples, but I'm pretty sure it won't help the scarring. Which means I still won't be able to wear practical clothing in like, 35 degrees celsius. Which means I will continue to sweat, resulting in more material deposit, resulting in more pimples... what a vicious cycle. I hope I'm making sense!!

Accutane is like a first step though. I'm hoping it will prevent my face from exploding, more than anything else. The derm gave me an antibiotic gel in case I get the dreaded initial breakout from accutane. I hope at least my face will be clear in 3 months. Please, please!! I have this major crush on my lecturer (who is only in his early twenties, what were you thinking!), who has gone overseas and will be returning in 3 months. Haha.

I took my first tablet last night. I wonder if I could've chosen a better time to start the course... I have 2 papers to sit for next week, haha. But whatever!

Good luck to all of you also on the tane. eusa_pray.gif



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