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My face isn't improving after several months!!

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Hey guys, I haven't posted here for quite some time but felt I needed to try to get some help since I'm getting worried as each day passes.

Okay, I have tried someone's Clean & Clear regimen back in October of last year and have stopped using it around December. It cleared away red marks and stuff on upper lip and on my chin and it looks a lot better now (though it's not completely gone).

Right now, I am just using the Clean & Clear Blackhead scrub and it's only "okay". It doesn't get rid of the zits that I had in 11th grade (almost 2 years ago).

The reason I'm worried is, before I came to this site (Oct 2004), I didn't wash my face with anything and had decent hygiene. When i noticed I had a few new zits popping up in various parts I discovered this site and used products that I found may prove useful.

Today, I looked in the mirror and noticed the tip of my nose is breaking out....AGAIN! This is not the second time either. Currently, I'm stuck with 2 zits on the tip of my nose, side-by-side and it looks awful. I noticed a red bump in between these 2 zits I'm talking about and I can't see a little pore anymore. Which means it may be clogged up. There was no bumps or anything last night.

The weird part is the rest of my face covered with zits/redness isn't getting worse and is getting a wee bit better. I don't know why my nose is so stubborn and such towards ANYTHING. I mainly wash my nose and it is always shiny after like 2-3 hours after a wash.

So to end this off, I want to thank you for reading all that and I hope you can recommend me some other products to get rid of my current acne on my nose AND to prevent it from breaking out again.


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I'm honestly starting to believe that just a warm water regimen is the way to go.

When you buy a product, it may work very well for a bit...but then your skin starts to freak out.

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Hi, what happened to you happened to me.

Whats happening is, your body is producing alot of oil.

You have to use a combination of an anti biotic and the acne stuff you can buy on the shelves.

No acne product will stop the oil your body is producing.

Only an anti biotic will.

I would recommend going to a derm

Get doxycycline. The doxcylcline will get rid of the oil your body is producing.

There's 2 version of doxycycline. One version costs 25 dollars and another version which is called Dorf, costs 162 dollars.

The one thats 162 dollars is the pure form version.

My pharmacist said there basically the same thing.

For the stuff you can buy on the shelves.

I would recommend Biore pure unclogging scrub.

This is one of the best cleansers i'v tried for acne.

It has 2 percent Salicylic Acid and microbeads which will exfoliate your skin nicely.

Here's how it looks. CVS and Walmart sell it.


Then use, Dove essential nutrients Toner.

It has Green Tea, Vitamin A, E, B5 and Zinc. Its a non alcohol toner and non comedogenic. Leave the toner on. Dont wash it off.

Then use, Neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment. Its a lotion with lots of vitamins and salicylic acid. You just leave it on your face. Dont wash it off. This lotion worked great on me.

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Products can irritate. Instead of recommending 10 new products with acid treatments and skin irritants gallore I would recommend you read my post entitled "what a B!%#$, nothing seems to work! But this..." I went through a process of 6 years of using this and that and this and that. Clearasil, neutragena, Purpose, cetaphil, proactiv, differin, tazorac, retin a, retin a micro, anti-biotics.

And when I say each one of these brands that means I purchased a variety of their products. I used atleast 7 different clean and clear products. 5 different clearasil products. The list goes on and on. If it got worse I tried harder, giving my skin a 4 day break as if that was enough to recover.

You know what I found out, they all make it worse but you never know because it always says, "this causes skin to get worse first then better after 8 weeks" That is probably the best sales line ever. WHY? Because if the S*&^ messes your skin up you won't even know. You merrily put on more and more thinking ...

"this stuff is working great, look at how bad my skin is getting. I'm in the 'getting worse phase' " WHO DUPED us into believing this?! I've been back and forth on products for years and I've found that finding a soap with almost nothing in it (basis bar for sensitive skin works for me but may irritate someone else, go for natural non irritating products. You must discover your own or only use water, hell that is better than irritating).

A Skin cycle can last 30 days. Which means if you irritate the hell out of your skin it may take 30 days of NO irritation to recover. SO, when you use all these products on you face then say "oh this is irritating, I will take 3 days off" Well, your skin isn't healed up and then you come back with more punishment because you want to fix it.


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Thanks for replying guys!

So, I should just get that product you mentioned to stop my body from producing so much oil? Will it work and if so, how long does this usually take before I see some results? Is this type of product available in Canada?

I heard using bathing soap can cause problems too....is this true? I use "Ivory" branded soap and use that on my face when I shower. It's okay and doesn't cause any problems (at least none that I know of) and it gets rid of the oil for that day. I think I used "Dove" before but it made my zits and caused me to break out more.

A few more questions: What is an "astringent"? I have seen this word on a few products at my drug store but don't know what it does and if it's good for my situation.

Any more suggestions or comments is welcomed and I hope you guys can still help me!

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Ryan 70,

Antibiotics like doxycycline do not reduce the amunt os sebum (oil) produced. Antibiotics will kill the bacteria responisble for clogging the pores, but they will not reduce oil production

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Being on the Alpha Hydroxy Acid regimen kept my acne minimal. I basically used a super mild cleanser (Aveeno Positively Radiant, similar to Cetaphil) and then Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Lotion, which contained 8% Glycolic Acid.

I used it for 3 months. The first two weeks were kind of bad because I got a small breakout of non-inflamed acne. But I stuck with it and it got rid of most of the pimples and kept me free of inflamed acne.

I recommend you go on a simple regimen such as the AHA regimen because it really doesn't irritate your skin, in fact if you use a sunscreen-based moisturizer every morning, your skin is almost guaranteed to change.

I'm now on RAM to clear my acne and it's working well.

P.S. I recently found out that the Neutrogena Lotion is comedogenic. That might've explained the small bumps. Perhaps you should try Alpha Hydrox's Enhanced Cream. It is very recommended by posters on this board and on Makeup Alley.

Hopefully that helped!

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I'm honestly starting to believe that just a warm water regimen is the way to go.

When you buy a product, it may work very well for a bit...but then your skin starts to freak out.

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Try Skintactix at skintactix.com

they are good for oilier skin and work, at least for me. It takes like 3 days to see the oiliness reduced and about 3-4 weeks to see good imrovements. give it a try

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Well, since I live in Canada I usually just go to Shoppers Drug Mart. I may buy some kind of Neutrogena product and maybe SpectroGel.

I'm always under stress, and it stinks but I'm just like that. I guess that maybe the case. But I remember back in junior high (like 5-6 years ago), I sometimes had stressful times and I never had acne or breakouts. My skin got a bit oily here and there but nothing to worry about. It's when I hit 10th grade, I started breaking out almost everyday, and the zits didn't necessarily went away. They were huge and red (cysts?) and it was itchy and hurt a bit.

The same thing happens sometimes today, but right now it's not so bad.

I also can't seem to get rid of the acne and bumps around the temples (beside my eyes) and I had these for a few years now. Sometimes they would get red and become bigger and stuff.

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