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Just switched to Dan's BP Gel

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I have just switched to using Dans 2.5% BP Gel after using a product called Brevoxyl which has 4% BP. The Brevoxyl has worked generally pretty well for me for just over a year with the odd exception of a few breakouts now and again. The breakouts are the reason for me trying Dans 2.5% BP Gel as with all the reports I have read it sounds like it might help to reduce or eliminate them.

One question, to all the people that switched from one BP product to Dans, did you find it quite hard to know exactly how well the gel was spreading and absorbing on your skin because it is clear? I just used it for the first time and felt like I hadn't put enough on but I actually had, I think.

Another thing, will there be any sort of reaction with switching to Dans BP Gel? Maybe a minor breakout of some sort?

I also think that going from a 4% to 2.5% should help as well because my skin is quite dry from the 4% and sometimes I think the dryness contributes to some of the spots I get.

Did anyone else notice the BP gel doesn't smell the best?

Anyones thoughts, comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


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Hi Beama,

I remember when I first started using Dan's BP I started getting minor breakouts for over 3 months. I never lost faith in Dans BP. eusa_pray.gif I think the reason why I was getting break outs because I was using Quinoderm 5% BP before. So it took a little time for my skin to adjust. But it maybe different for you.

But do carry on using it! You'll find it is the BEST BP out there since it does not irritate the skin.

Regarding the application of the BP Gel. It does take time to be absorbed into the skin because I use about a finger-tip full of Gel for both sides of my face.

I'm not too sure about the smell you are on about. I don't think it smells much at all. eusa_eh.gif

I hope this helps!

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Just wanted to add, I am using Dan's BP Gel on one cheek and I am continuing to use the Brevoxyl 4% BP cream on the other. I am going to do this for a few days and see what happens. Right now I am 95% clear with just one active spot on my left cheek. The left cheek is the cheek I started using the BP Gel on last night.

It will be very interesting to see how my skin reacts to Dans BP Gel. I hope it will work good.


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If you apply it the way Dan shows in his videos it will feel more like you're applying too much, not too little. But just keep working it around your face and your skin will eventually absorb it. I went from using 10% bp, and it took me about 4 weeks before I saw any results.

Just started breaking out again though because I stopped using it when I was ill.

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Just an update on my switch to Dan's BP Gel.

It has been 3 full days now of using Dan's BP Gel on my left cheek and forehead and i have continued to use my old BP cream called Brevoxyl 4% on my right cheek to compare.

Anyhow, I have had one tiny spot appear on my left jaw line, its nothing major and I had one large spot on my left cheek but this appeared on the first night I applied Dan's BP Gel so it is just a spot that owul dhave appeared anyway. All in all I like Dan's BP Gel but I will reserve judgment for a few more days yet maybe even a few weeks. I have not had a breakout yet from switching to the BP Gel and it looks so far like I won't have one but I am expecting maybe the odd spot or two to appear as my skin adjusts. I have been quite happy with the BP Gel so tonight I used it on my right cheek for the first, will see what I look like in the mirror I suppose, but as of right now my right cheek is 100% clear and I just have red marks.

My overall face has just 2 spots on my left cheek and a small one on my nose and thats it.

I also think my complexion is improved on my left side with Dan's BP Gel, its not as dry and irritated I think, time will tell though.

Anyway thats my update, I hope a few people gets some help from this.

So far I would say Dan's BP Gel is very good but time wil ltell in the next week or so.

Take it easy


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I have been using Dan's BP Gel for nearly two weeks now. The first week my skin was really improved compared to using the other BP cream, but during this second week I have started getting a few spots, they are nothing too bad but they do bother me.

I have read before that Dan said people can expereince a breakout in the first 2-3 weeks when switching to his BP Gel. I think I might be getting that now. I just hope that it stays mild and then improves.

Anyone else experience this?


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