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I saw some people are selling B5 creams and gels.

I've made a B5 spray. I'm giving it a try. All I'm doing is taking a spray

bottle, adding distilled water (about 2 ounces) and then B5 powder

(about 1 teaspoon). It seems to dissolve pretty well.

But after trying it once, it seems it causes a sticky film on my face. It's

like it's gummy. You can't see it because the concentration of B5 in

the water is too small. But I wonder if it'll clog pores?

Has anyone done this?

It doesn't seem like B5 applied topically would really have any effect,

since the theory is that B5 acts on the digestive cycle to either reduce

or improve fat digestion or prevent the conversion of testerone to DHT,

both of which reduce oil gland secretion. I'm not sure that you can

apply B5 topically and have it do anything??? Anyone know?

Steve in Austin, TX

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As long as you have the pantothenic acid in a 'carrier'

base, the B5 can help metabolize the skin oil. This is

paramount for clearer skin. It can also help to minimize

oil flow, but thinner oil is more important for clear skin

than less oil flow.

The internal treatment is always the best option but

the topical B5 can help speed things along.


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Ah. So it has to be in a "carrier". Water probably doesn't qualify I guess?

So what do make good carriers? I tried DMSO at one point, but that stuff

is too harsh on the skin I think. It probably causes cancer in the long-term.

What about aloe vera gel or a methol gel? Any other ideas?


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Actually water can be somewhat of a carrier. But if water

was the only other ingredient it would depend on the mol-

ecular weight of the B5 as to how deep (or if at all) it will

penetrate the skin - I am now sure about it's MW.

I doubt DMSO will eventually lead to cancer. DMSO pene-

trates incredibly fast. You can rub some on the sole of your

feet and within no time be tasting it in your mouth. The

only problem with DMSO is the terrible breath you'll get

from continued usage.

Aloe Vera can be used as a good carrier, yes.


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Glycerin is used mroe for pulling water from the

air to help moisturize the skin. It has other uses but

that is the usually the main one in lotions/creams.

It is used in soaps as well, especially clear soaps.

If youuse glycerine be sure to use the glycerine

that is vegetable derived.


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