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Breast Pain on Accutane

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aye this is what i am saying NO BIGGER

and mine better not swell anymore i am poor and cant afford a whole new collection of bras (esp i have to get them from a special shop lol.gif how gutted am i)

btw what is having a boob job like?

do they feel different?

not many people have them here (i am assuming u r american? as its nearly 3am here in the u.k)

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Yes I am American. Haha- Everyone over here has them, practically.

Having a boob job is a painful experience. When you wake up, you feel like something is pushing you down on your chest. After a few hours, for me- that feeling went away and an annoying pressure would increase and decrease. Also, when your nerves start to regenerate- you get sharp, shock type pains throughout them. That part bothered me. Healing doesn't take too long- I was able to do almost everything within a little over a week- but I was extremely slow about whatever I had to do. Haha- So basically you move like a turtle for a few weeks.

They feel different depending upon the amount of tissue you had previously, and how big the implant is- whether its silicone or saline, and if its behind the muscle or above. Mine feel great because I had alot of tissue before, and I put them under the muscle. I only increased one cup size- to a 34C. Some people don't believe that mine are fake until they feel a certain spot. They also don't look like globes because they are under the muscle, teardrop shaped, and my tissue was ample enough- so it hides them. Also, when you squeeze them (not to be graphic), but they are much more firm (not hard, but normal breast tissue is soft and fleshy- They feel more firm and strong). I'm really happy with them, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Cassadie- Are you getting a lift or just implants?

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Yep- Under the muscle is painful, but they also give you RX pain medication- which I took. I couldn't do any lifting, I couldn't lift my arms above my head actually- But as far as being able to sit up on my own, and get up off the couch or bed by myself- I could do that within a week. I could walk, sit up straight, etc... I couldn't do normal activities for a few weeks (lifting, carrying, bending over to pick something up)..driving was a nightmare- but I remember it being somewhat easier than I expected. I also have a HIGH tolerance for pain. I had them done a few years ago, and Im a little daunted by the fact that in a few more years I have to get them replaced. Its a shitty process, but I wouldnt go withotu them.

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Hey guys,

So I did some research on breast pain. I didn't come up with anything accutane related but I did find this:

"Another type of non-cyclical pain called costochondritis does not actually occur in the breast; however, the condition may feel as though it is coming from the breast. This type of arthritic pain occurs in the middle of the chest where the ribs and the breast bone connect. Costochondritis may occur as the result of poor posture or aging. Women who experience costochondritis usually describe it as a burning sensation in the breast. "

Since i'm experiencing some burning sensation, I thought this was interesting. Also, because accutane causes musculoskeletal problems short-term, meaning soreness of the bones/joints, I thought bad posture or any such movements could affect the chest wall and could be mistaken for breast pain. I don't know if this is what's going, and I would certainly advise anyone with such pain to seek medical attention, I just thought it was a plausible explanation. I'm going to get it checked out tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, I want to thank you all for posting. I really appreciate all your comments.

Love you guys,



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Guest Craigems

I think all girls should get implants. Because they all seem to want them, cept turner. But i mean to me boobs are boobs.

and Boobs are cool. So gimmie boobs.

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Cassadie- Oh Ok, Well- Good Luck! Implants can do wonders. I know what you mean, a couple of friends of mine got implants after they had kids. They look awesome now. You'll be really happy!!!

Craigems- That was great. Boobs for everyone.

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Guest Craigems


I cant help it sorry. YEH I KNOW I'M A MOD ... I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!!! rolleyes.gif .. ps i love u all lol.

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