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I am going to do a liver flush some time this week and i have a few questions:

Is it really important to do a parasite cleanse and a bowel cleanse prior to a liver flush or isnt it important?

Also, has anyone broken out from the extra virgin olive oil or the grape fruit cuz im a bit scared as the oil is high in fat isnt it?

Any help would be great,



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Parasite cleanse....not necessary. Bowel cleansing imho is a must if you are going to do liverflushing. I broke out really bad after my third flush because I didn't realize you should do an enema after flushing to remove excess toxins. Now I don't do enemas and I only flush for maintenance.

Besides.....colon cleansing is very important to improve acne anyway. I did probably 3 dozen bowel cleanses over the years, and tons more even while flushing. However, it wasn't until I got a series of 3 colonics that I TOTALLY cleared (along with doing flushes).

Be sure to read read and read some more before you flush! It's very important. And no....the oil won't break you out. And it doesn't make you gain weight, either. I lost weight while flushing.

Please educate yourself and don't take flushing lightly! wink.gif

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I think that they are good, but really are most effective when you are fasting. I am doing a "Blessed Herb" cleanse next week and I plan on doing a total fast for 14 days. The BH system includes a p&b combo, along with herbs. The p&b shakes are good to help absorb toxins, but if you are eating, they mostly work on waste material instead of crappity crud like mucoid plaque. I have a feeling I have some serious mucoid plaque in my small intestine that needs to come out. If you can do p&b shakes, you may want to take something with it that has cascara sagrada (Nature's Secret makes a great colon cleanse formula) to get the bowels moving. And for the BEST results, eat very lightly and focus on fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, etc.....but remember.....do this only for a short period of time. You don't want to be so restrictive but for so long.

This is the program I'll be doing next week: http://www.blessedherbs.com/index.cgi

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