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can i get some input on antibiotics?

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For any of you who have taken antibiotics for acne how has it helped you? I'cve heard it does wonderds for baqck acne because back acne is mostly caused by an increase in bacteria on the skin! But on facial acne it doesnt seem to work as well! AANy info would be great thanks!

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yeah it does my back is a soft as a babies ass now. What i noticed though is that tetracyline has helped me not get pimples that leave red marks behind just little whitheads on the face. So i use the regimen to cure this problem on the face.

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Hey guys,

For me tertra didnt work at all but mino did wonders for almost a year. Mino cleared me up for a good year but recently mino has stopped working for me. I guess antibiotics is good for buying you time and hopefully after a year you will have outgrown acne. Not for me though, thats why Im hopin to start accutane real soon. Oh yeah, mino takes about 2 months to kick in, atleast for me it did. But when it does, you wont even breakout until your body develops resistance. Goodluck!!!

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I'm not hot on antibiotics. I took tetracyline in high school, mincycline in college, accutane a few years ago, and bcp's presently. See how well they worked?? Anti biotics kill stomach bacteria and while "they" say food doesn't affect your skin...check this out: your skin is the largest detoxifying organ you have followed by the liver. What does the liver do? filters impurities from the blood, which enters the blood stream from the stomach and intestines. Easy, right? If you kill all your stomach bacteria it's harder for your stomach to break down food to nutrients to be filtered and sent into the bloodstream. To make a short story long, it over taxes the liver w/ partly processed nutrients & toxins. What does the liver do? Has the skin process the toxins out of what it can't. What do toxins being ejected from the skin look like? Big fat pimples. Besides, acne bacteria is notorious for becoming immune to antibiotics. And antibiotics can grey your teeth. Clear skin ...for a while or grey teeth forever? clear skin...for a while or antibiotic immunity in a time of chemical warfare?

Off my pulpit...I thought they were the BOMB when I started them. I'd only take anti biotics now if I had pneumonia, and I'm a bi-polar ex-drug addict...I'll take ANYTHING.

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I have been on Doryx (doxycycline, in the tetra family) for about 6 months. It worked really well on clearning up most back and chest acne, facial is a little more stubborn, but its definitely working

the only 2 downsides,

1. i dont have insurance, and they are $2 a pill

2. They make me very neaseous

i am concered about the long term affects of being on antibiotics, but for now i am just happy to have my acne cleared up

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