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Should i ask to lower my dosage on Accutane?

I was on 40 mg a day and was starting to clear very much and went out of town and was off the medication for 10 days and came back with 80 mg a day. My acne before tane wasnt too bad ive been on 80mg for 2 months and my lifes been miserable my acne sucks and is now almost severe and i keep thinking its the last breakout but it never is sometimes i also use topical gels like AHA and bp to try to help and i dunno if it might make it worse. But its the last 4 months of my senior year and dances are comming up and this is awful. Im 175 pounds and my chapped lips and dry skin arent even that bad if i go down to 40 mg do you think the acne will get worse or better

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Its possible that you are getting a sort of 2nd "initial breakout". How long are you taking the 80 mgs now?

The reason I think this is because you were off the medication for over a week, and then suddenly went to a higher dosage. Most people break out again after their dosage is increased, and you also werent taking it at all at the time of the increase...So I would think if youve only been on it a few weeks (the 80 mg) that its a 2nd breakout and it should subside soon. If it doesnt, call your derm and get prednisone or something like that to calm inflammation!

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Guest Craigems

Hang in there, you said your've had 2 months on 80mg correcT?? it shouldnt be long for you to be start getting clear, dropping down to 40mg will make your course longer, also i would suggest talking to your derm about this! maybe he can calibrate your course to suit your dance.

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