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New regime or accutane?

For the last few weeks I've gone back and forth between continuing with "traditional" treatments and going on accutane. I havent really had any luck with topicals/antibiotics in a while, and have been on pretty much all of them(retin-a, tazorac, mino/doxycycline, erthromyacin, clindamyacin, benzamyacin). My derm currently put me on differin, a sulfur/sodium sulfacamine wash, and cephalaxin. Also im going in for my first smoothbeam today. Thing is, is this really worth it? Im going to have to deal with the initial breakout from differin anyway, the cephalaxin will eventually become resisted, and the smoothbeam might not even work. With accutane I know its definate, wheras with this shit it may not work at the end of the day. I have moderate acne, very occasionally getting cysts but they usually subside quickly. The other case against going on accutane is that I would have to go to a derm about 2 hours away, as my local one doesent want to prescribe it.

Any advice would be apreciated.

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Smoothbeam treatments supposedly have great results. My dermatologist is a laser surgeon and he performs them often with success. The thing about Smoothbeam is that the results can be extremely temporary whereas with Accutane, the results are more permanent. I went to see him for laser surgery but he insisted that I continue with the Accutane. The fact that he knew I was willing to spend any amount of money for a cure and that he is a well-known laser surgeon really helped me to trust his opinion to stick with Accutane.

Breakouts on any other prescription medication don’t even come close to the initial breakout on Accutane. Some people are fortunate and do not suffer an initial breakout but the majority do. If you make the decision to go on it, be prepared for this possibility. A Differin breakout is a walk in the park.

My dermatologist is in Manhattan and I live in Northwest Jersey so I can understand your concerns about traveling but this doctor is so good that I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It basically comes down to how much more you are willing to go through. Your current dermatologist seems like a wuss. There are a lot of them out there. They are so frightened about the Accutane litigation, that they won’t take chances. I don’t like doctors who don’t know when to take a chance, with a patient and with a drug. Fight for yourself and clear skin. If you don’t, no one else will.

Personally, if you’ve tried everything that you listed and waited three-months for each to kick in with no results whatsoever, go with Accutane.

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Had smoothbeam today. Maybe im a pussy, but it hurt like fucking hell, not worth the possibility that it might help me. Im really sick of this shit, at this point im gonna go with accutane.

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