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TJ's Accutane Journal

Let me 1st share with you my history and background of acne.

25 yo Male

Irish father and Korean mother

I have been affected by acne since I was 14 yo in areas ranging from my back,face and chest. I have been on everything from tetracycline, doxycylcline,minocycline and vitamen B5 as far as oral medication goes.

Topical ranges from retin-a and BP.

I really started to get it my freshman year of high school which stopped me from ever going to the pool, beach and even going the next step with females for fear of taking my shirt off. I honestly feel robbed of my teenage and early twenties due to this problem. But some people have worse problems than acne so I never tried to feel too sorry for myself.

After all of the failed attempts by military doctors to prescribe the medication above I was finally granted a referral to get accutane when I was 18yo. I started on 90mg and eventually worked my way up to 120 mg and was on it for 6 months and it worked perfect. My self esteem was higher than I could ever imagine, was approached by a lot more females and was approached by modeling companies.

The only real side effects from my 1st go round were severly chapped lips that I was always carrying 2 sticks around.

I was relatively clear up until 3 years ago when I had a relapse and I tried to get accutane but was denied this time as it was getting a lot of bad press due to the suicide of a politicians son who was on accutane. I was pretty mortified as I knew nothing else would work.

From then I still broke out on my back and chest but not much on my face so I wasn't too concerned. I was dating the same girl for 4 years and I didn't really care about my back or chest at this point. I was just happy my face was relatively clear. Then about 7 months ago my forehead started to really break out bad. I was suprised cause I never really had anything happen in that area.

So I looked into my medical plan and was suprised to see they covered accutance so I figured it might be worth while to see a private doctor but was concerned I wouldn't get it prescribed I thought of a whole sob story. To my suprise it took the Dr. two seconds to agree to prescribe 100 mg daily to me for a month. If you are from the DC/Metro area and would like the name of the Dr., PM me and I will be happy to share.

So I have been on it for 2.5 weeks now and am sooooo dried out. More than my 1st go round with it. It didn't help I went skiing for 3 "sunny" days and didn't protect my face I suffered sun and windburn to my face. I have been living off of Cetaphil face lotion and neosporin lip therapy. Also my nasal passages have been dry so I apply vaseline twice a day. Also the Dr. told me to only wash my face twice daily with Cetaphil face wash. Also have been noticing some dandruff, sore joints and monor headaches. but the most noticeable side affect this go round is my attitude. I have been very timid and angry but yet I can notice my change in attitude that I try and control it too much.

I will say though it is all worth it as I have about 3 pimples on my entire face with some old red spots that are starting to fade. My back and chest are starting to improve as well. I really wish it were possible and affordable for everyone affected with acne to get accutane because I truly believe it is the only thing that works for some. I do not wish acne on anyone as it is just as pyschological as it is physical. I know it sounds bad but one of the qualities I look for in a female is that she have clear skin so that should we happen to get married perhaps our kids wouldn't get acne the way I did.

I will continue to update my journal on a weekly basis.

Thanks for listening. cool.gif

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