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Q about TCA peels

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im thinking about getting a Tca peel on my temple where i have a scar and right under it i have a mole. my question is after the peel will it greatly improve my scar and remove my mole? or will i need another peel a couple months later? also is it a bad time to do it with summer coming up? im going to go buy that hawaiin tropic ozone sunblock with an spf of 70

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I'm not to sure about this, someone will correct me if i'm wrong but I don't think A tca peel will remove a mole..U might have to get that lasered..What type of scar do you have on your temple? Depending on the depth, maybe subcision if its deep..If it appears shallow to you, perhaps a peel or a non ablative laser to help rebuild collagen in the depression. A doctor might even use some filler. Has a doctor recommended anything to you??? And with regards to summer, Just stay out of the sun! Always!

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I had a medium depth TCA peel (35%), and I know several other people who had TCA's done. It helps for texture and sun damage, but it does not help scars that are depressed in any way. If your scar is discolored only, you will see improvement. I had a very small mole just above the corner of my lip that was 90% removed from the TCA. I can still feel the mole a little bit, but you can't see it because there is no pigment to it. Also, a strong TCA peel requires a bit of recovery time. I could not leave the house for a week because my face was so swollen, crusted and bleeding. In the 2nd week when I did leave the house, I was asked by some people if I was in a car wreck. Have you considered something a little less invasive? Good luck to you.

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