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Accutane after plastic surgery


I was wondering. How soon AFTER plastic surgery can you start Accutane? I know that you're not supposed to have plastic surgery for at least a year after Accutane, but is there any time limit beforehand?

In other words, if I have plastic surgery tomorrow, how soon after that can I begin Accutane? I don't want the healing time to be any longer....how long should I wait after surgery??

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As far as I know as soon as you are healed you can begin Accutane. I would ask your doctor for sure though. I know that Accutane slows down the healing process that is part of the reason why red marks look so bad for so long while on tane, at least that is what my derm tells me and I have done a little reading about it. What are you having done? Ask your doc but if it is on your face I would wait till it was good and healed so that you do not chance scars. Good Luck! biggrin.gif

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I just e-mailed a plastic surgeon to see if he has any advice in this regard since I think the answer to this question will benefit a lot of people. Since I am pretty sure you are referring to the microdermabrasion and peels you mentioned last week, I inquired about these procedures directly. Here is his response:

“It would be OK to have microdermabrasion treatments before the Accutane, but one microderm will not do much. I would not take Accutane and continue the microdermabrasions though, once you start the medication, you need to wait to restart the microderms until after the Accutane has been stopped and then an additional couple of months at least.�

This being said, Accutane is going to change your skin. Any treatments you have right now might be a complete waste of money because there is a possibility that you will go through an initial breakout and suffer scarring from that initial breakout. I agree with the doctor that one microdermabrasion won’t be sufficient either. When I’ve had them performed in the past, I needed to complete six treatments in two week increments in order to gain the full effects.

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