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ok zac,

take 5 g a day(10 pills) for the first week. Then take 10 g a day(20 pills) from there on out. Try to spread the pills out evenly throughout the day(7 at breakfast, 6 at lunch, 7 at dinner). They are sold at any local nutrition store or over the net, labeled as panthothenic acid(b5). I saw them in the GNC in US. They are generally sold in 500 mg capsules, around 300 capsules in a jar. Take 1 vitamin b complex pill a day and 1 biotin pill also. The biotin eliminates any possible hair loss, and the b complex makes a healthy amount of each vitamin. Good luck, you will pee neon, because the vitamin b5 is water-soluble, so you piss out the excess vitamin b5. Any more questions, just ask..

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Mate, its up to you whether you try b5 but i'll tell you my experience...

i must have spent over 300 quid on b5 supplements, with the complex, and it didnt do anything for me. It was a total waster, and a very annoyign regime of taking 20 tablets a day (also whether or not its healthy to be taking that amount of tablets over long periods of time is debatible). I didnt see much improvement of my skin at all. However i have a theory why it didnt work for me, you may be different.

B5 is based on the person having oily skin. Essentially by increasing the amount of p-acid in your body it scientifically reduces the secretion of sebum (oil) onto the skin, which many people believe causes acne (or at least a singular type of acne commonly associated with younger sufferers). However, i have always had very dry skin and lots and lots of acne. Therefore reducing the oil secretions really wasnt going to cure me, and im not sure why i thought it would. Perhaps there a lesson there, dont jump on the bandwagon! just because everyone else seems to think its a miracle cure it really isnt.

And just to let you know, the study by the doctor in asia has been misrepresented by the media and companies selling b5 to acne patients/ sufferers. For one thing, the people who were given b5, were under almost labortory conditions and they were provided with a b5 topical preparations to apply to the skin about 8 times a day....do the b5 companies mention that in their marketing?? of course not.

Anway mate, its up to you. Some times its just will power, if you really start being optimistic and true to your self you may get rid of acne anyway. In fact most studies on acne have concluded that they cant tell whether the products or treatments have made the skin condition worse, or jus the fact that patients feel better for having the medication......but of course the psyche is a very difficult thing to change!

good luck mate, just remember your you...who gives a Sh*t what other people think!!!

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Doesn't work for some people. Works like a charm for others. I'm a month and a half into taking 6g and I'm totally clear.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER. It can be hard on your kidneys otherwise. If your pee is neon, drink more water.

Good luck.

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