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Any senstive skin pll here apply BP both day+nite?

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For those of you that have sensitive skin,

How long did it take for your skin to ADJUST to applying BP TWICE a day? (e.g day + nite)

From the previous posts, it seems most of US (senstitive skin ppl) manage to apply BP only at nite, once a week, alternate days , etc....BUT IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE THAT ACTUALLY MANAGED TO REV THE DOSAGE UP TO 2x A DAY? How long did it take for your skin to get used to it? 2 months? 3 months? 4 months? etc

(i hope your reply will give us some hope, so we dun give up) (maybe we could follow your regiment instead)

PS: "adjust", meaning your skin doesnt "sting with pain" when you put BP

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Thanks for your post, Sally. I'm going to watch this post with great interest! I'm always looking for more info sharing from my sensitive skin brethren. biggrin.gif \

BTW- I'm more than 2 1/2 mos in and can only manage about 2/3rd of a finger for my whole face. Recently I dropped back to even less because of irritation, flaking and redness. Maybe when spring is here (more humidity) I'll trying upping it again.

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I have very sensitive (and dry) skin. Thats why I dont go to my derm anymore for my acne. He prescribes these horrible products (Differin, Benzaclin) that only give me a burn or a red itchy rash.

So, to answer your ?, I only use BP once a day:at night. I have used it twice a day with no bad side effects. I just chose to give my skin that break all day, plus it ruins the collars on my shirts. If you do want to try using it twice a day, start slow, like Dan suggests, or maybe even only use it once a day for like a week or two, then gradually start using twice, and increase the amounts slowly to.

Good Luck!

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yep, me too "once a day", and at nite....

*halfway chomping on oily deep-fried potato chips & choclate soda* *chomp*

huh? what? it wasn't me, i swear!

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I was also wondering this...

Like some oral anti-bitotics only last about 12 hours, thats why you need to take 2x/day doses to get a good effect, also with many other products

Wondering how long BP gel lasts as a defence on your face..12 hours?...24?

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