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hey everyone, ( - for those that know about my research - this is totally nothing to do withit)

i have been on the atkins diet for exactly 2weeks now and have been amazed that i havent had even one major spot....now i dont know why this is so, but im guessing it could be something to do with not having any milk of cheese, and it kind of confirms my suspicion that pizzas could be related to me getting spots... but then again it could be about not having any additives or preservities etc... that i know of (ofcouse the meat, fish and chicken i ate must of to some extent been given something to enhance its saleability etc...but that could be just paranoria),

apart from that i got know clue but am happy not to have any spots or worry about scars they might leave... but i am slightly worried about colestrol... i mean i eat about 5-6 eggs a day, plate of fish, and meat, and chicken etc and more suprisingly i dont think i have lost any weight but have definately toned up by using a boxing speedball, and abdoboard...anyway, no spots... perhaps others like me should try having organic milk and no cheese etc...

i do however have one tiny spot but i think that is from an allergy from almonds, but thats my main snack food...

to be honest i could be totally wrong, and the acne stopping could be just co-incidental with the diet...and maybe at the age of 20 and 7 months my spots have naturally stopped either way, im not gonna make any sudden changes

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its just over the third week now, still no spots wohoo, but i cant really get too happy, still got scars, however i think they are improving as i planned in line with skin tightening up... ive only lost 1/4 of a stone (13 and 1/4 at mo - thats like 83kg - for 6")... im not really fat anyway but i wanna be able to see a a good 6/8 pack for the summer...definately toning up though eusa_angel.gif

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