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Can someone help me?

I have tried the just water solution with no medications and my face has and is still clearing up alot. Been clearer than ever before. I have small scaring but nothing like what Ive seen in this thread. Not the major stuff, just small red scaring and maybe slight small pigmentation.

Any solutions to this. I def dont need dermabrasion or anything major. I just wanted to know of any lotions etc for reguvinating the skin and helping small acne scaring etc.

Thanks and if theres already a thread on this, sorry. Just point me in the right direction.


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"red scarring" is almost always not a scar or a young scar which hasn't yet developed. The indentation happens, (partly) when the fine blood vessels, which make the tissue more red than surroundings, start to vanish eventually when the scar tissue is "mature" and ready, and also the volume of the tissue then goes smaller causing the indentation. So as frustrating as it is, yet one should maybe always wait before the scar tissue is same color as the rest of the skin, or sometimes it gets even lighter/whiter than surrounding skin. I would think, if dermabrasion or other scar treatments is made too soon, it won't help so much, if the scar tissue hasn't even gone through totally the shrinkening it is going to make.

I don't know, if there is methods how to treat the young scar tissue so it wouldn't shrink so much after the fine blood vessels vanish from the new tissue.

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I wish someone would know for sure, because everyone is just guessing.

One thing which is sure, the scars which will leave indentation are usually deep wounds or cysts which are healing. Dermabrasion can be only about 350 µm - 500 µm deep, I believe in one round. If the healing wound is less than 500 µm deep, it most probably wouldn't leave indentation anyway when the healing is done. But if there is deep (>> 500 µm) wound healing by scarring, dermabrasion wouldn't prevent the later shrinkening of the scar tissue when it becomes "ready".

One thing which I haven't yet found in this board, is the explanation of the scarring process from the fresh wound to the scar tissue. That would be good to understand as for basics what could be tried to do to affect the healing so that the scar tissue would be formed as similar as possible compared to the surrounding tissue. "Deep" wounds will leave a scar _always_. There really is no deep wound healing without scarring, but the later tissue shrinkening depends on many things which I don't know if are fully understood by medicin yet. Quick healing, good general health, helthy nourishment, enough sleep and good hygiene will help.

I myself don't believe those protein drops are nothing else but snake oil, before some medical reasonable explanation is given how they would work in cellular level. Placebo effect shouldn't be underestimated though. Releasing stress by believing something strongly will help the healing process and lead to better scar tissue than healing under great stress.

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