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Need to try something new...

This is really frustrating me...

I've been using the Neutrogena clear pore treatment and the multi-vitamin treatment for about four weeks now. I cleared up my skin about 30% the first two weeks... but then it totally went downhill. I broke out on my cheek and beside my nose (I never usually break out there), and the acne on my forhead and the blackheads on my nose got worse.

I want to try something else... anyone have any suggestions or success with their regimens?

Also, I was wondering if anyone's ever tried the Murad skin line...?


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Knickers, here's what you have to do.

The same thing happened to me.

You have to take a combination of the acne shelf stuff and

Doxycycline to clear acne.

Your acne is outside and inside the body.

You only see the outside part of it.

The inside of your body is producing alot of oil, which is causing the acne. No acne products you can buy on the shelf can clear this, except an anti biotic.

I also tried a cleanser, toner and Neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment. It didn't work. But then when I tried it with Doxycycline it worked.

Go to a Derm. Get a prescription of Doxycycline.

Doxy costs 25 dollars for 30 pills at a pharmacist. Get the 100MG. Take one pill a day. Take it before you go to sleep.

Then in the evening do this.

Use Biore pure unclogging scrub.

This is one of the best cleansers i'v tried for acne.

It has 2 percent Salicylic Acid and microbeads and will exfoliate your skin nicely.

Here's how it looks. CVS and Walmart sell it.


Then use, Dove essential nutrients Toner. It has Vitamin A, E, Green Tea, GrapeSeed and Zinc. Its a non alcohol toner and non comedogenic. Leave the toner on. Dont wash it off.

Then use, Neutrogena multi vitamin acne treatment.

I tried just using the Doxycycline and it worked good.

But the acne went down so much faster when I took the Doxycycline before I went to sleep and the routine I mentioned above.

Biore cleanser, Dove toner and Multi Vitamin acne treatment.

Also, when you use the Multi Vitamin acne treatment. Just put alittle on the acne. Dont put alot of multi vitamin lotion on the acne.

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Do not try the Murad skin care line. I myself have never tried it. I considered it. But a LOT of people have said that it is horrible because it didn't do squat for their skin, or it did for a few weeks and then it broke them out terribly.

Anyway, I'm using some of the DDF skin care products. I just started using the glycolic toner 10% and the BPO gel 5% with tea tree oil. It's pretty effective and I have no red spots anymore. Yay. smile.gif

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Doxy costs 25 dollars for 30 pills at a pharmacist.  Get the 100MG.  Take one pill a day.  Take it before you go to sleep.

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If you don't give the pill time to travel through your esophagus before you lay down in bed, the pill will sit in your esophagus and eat away at it over time.

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i don't know about this, it sounds like an old midwive's tale / urban legend to me. it is not gravity that pushes things down your esophagus, its the muscles of the esophagus that push it down, so it really doesn't matter if you sit up. you can still eat laying down, etc, so there is no reason why you can't take pills before bed. & if you're still really scared, just drink a bunch of water to wash the pill down. you're supposed to drink a bunch of water anyway because doxycycline is known to cause nausea.

with that said,  i would recommend taking doxycycline after you have your biggest meal. i personally take doxycycline & this is the way that prevents nausea the best for me. taking it at night is also ok because you tend to sleep the nausea off, but it doesn't work sometimes.

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