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Daxe's Regimen log and thoughts

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Well to start off I'm 19 year old Male who has had acne ever since about 13. I really didn't give it much thought when I was younger because it never really bothered me until I started getting older and socialable.. I'd say I started going to the dermatologist when I was 17. She put me on things such a Minocycline and a benzoyl peroxide wash, Benzaclyn after the wash and tazorac at night. So I used the wash morning and afternoon followed by benzaclyn. then to apply tazorac at night. Well the Minocycline really messed up my stomach causing sever constipation and other problems.. She never recommended a moisturizer when I was on the topical creams and my skin would get dried out very badly and would become beat red and even water was awful on it.. So I stopped using the wash and tried just the benzaclyn and the tazorac, but I still was too abrasive for my skin. There was poor communication between the dermatologist and me and she upped the benzaclyn to like a 5% because she didn't see an improvement in my acne, mostly because I haven't been applying anything hardly cause after 2 application my skin would dry to the extremes again and cause severe pain. So I just stopped going after a while and gave up on it. Until about a month ago I came across Dan's website and tried the regimen. I was a little skeptical at first because I had a bad experience with benzaclyn, which has benzoyl peroxide in it. Since this was a 2.5% he uses it would be less abrasive on my skin I thought. So I use the basis sensitive skin bar, the BP gel, and Euceryn moisturizer that he recommends. After about a month of application my skin is getting so much clearer. I'm almost practically cleared up.. I will have to post picture in the gallery soon once I get around to taking them. So far I haven't had any irritation or not to dried up. I would probably have quicker results but I don't do an application in the evening. I'll try working my way up to that later on. I just do one around early afternoon cause that’s when I wake up.. But so far the regimen has been perfect, I've never been happier. Although those gilette sensor excel razors that Dan recommends I haven't had much luck with because I keep cutting myself with them lol... So I gave them to my mom's boyfriend. I prefer my gilette mach 3-power razor, it vibrates weeeeee. razz.gif Now that I come to think about it there was another oral pill that my dermatologist put me on I remember on the bottle it said "ERY 333mg" or something weird like that, That caused a break down in my immune system, cause I got ear infections and stuff like that.. So As my recommendation I wouldn't use any oral acne drugs, especially Accutane. Why risk such bad side effects. I mean you might be one of the lucky ones not get them; then again you might be one of the unlucky ones who gets the worst. Just be careful on what you use, and thanks Dan for such a great Regimen!

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